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our sour gum in October

our sour gum in October

Beginnings are all difficult. I’m trying to keep a sort of journal here about my life, this new life, a little more than a year after Paul’s death. I am trying to do things to be healthy, sane and helpful to others. The world is full of beauty, we are just at the end of a glorious autumn filled with scarlets and golds and blue skies to swim in. but today is cool, gray and rainy with the scent of leafmeal. A different kind of blessing. That is a little like my life feels at the moment. As if the brilliant days are over but these new days and minutes have a special beauty of their own.

This following bit is written March 11, 2009. I don’t know why the date of this entry is as it is. February 2008 was only 5 months after Paul’s death………..It is confusing. The Sour Gum, also know as Tupelo tree is very beautiful, and is multi-stemmed because it was hit by lightening the second or third year we lived here, probably 1983……..

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