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Nana in Bellefonte

Emily and Clara MausLast Thursday to Sunday I was in Bellefonte, PA, visiting Emily and Ingmar and two sweet grandaughters: two week old Clara and nearly two year old Sofia. I was a Nana having “too much fun” as Paul would have said. I’m amazed at how well Clara seems to be doing with her sleeping, though I think her parents were somewhat less impressed! But she is very alert and attentive to her world. Sofia is very aware of her little baby sister and when she hears Clara cry, her own face turns into a mask of grief and she says, “Cy, Cy, Baby Cy”. But we assure her that Clara is OK, that Mama or Papa is taking care of her, and Sofia, little Mausi,  cheers up quite quickly.

Mausi received two rather large early birthday presents this weekend. One was a wonderful Ryan’s Room wooden doll house discovered by her Aunt Amy in Michigan. Mausi really likes to play with this, but we have to watch out and remind her in time that the doll house stairs are not really strong enough for her to climb on.  She so much wants to climb up them!

The other gift was an easel I bought her from Dick Blick in Columbus, the art supply company from whom I buy my own supplies. I’m afraid I gave Ingmar a lot of “some assembly required” work here! But it is all done now, and seems to be very sturdy and Sofia, who is a pretty hard-working young artist, was busy drawing on both the chalkboard side and on paper. I had a picture in my mind of Sofia on one side and Clara (in a few years) on the other, creating away. I hope it will happen!

We had some fun shopping excursions and lots of good food eaten usually on their back porch which is a very charming and private room with a grill at the bottom of the steps to the back yard. Em and Ingmar have a very full garden and gave me some Swiss Chard to carry home. I decided to make this journey at the spur of the moment and can barely believe that I went there and am back again already! 

Artist at Work! And it is hard not to wish that Paul were with me making these visits. He loved all children so much and would have been having a lot of fun with his own grandchildren.  But I think we will all try with pictures and stories to make sure that they all have a feeling for the fun-loving, gentle wise grandfather who is theirs. I hope they will know both the remarkable story of his life and something of his philosophical way of  looking at all that happens.

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I am posting this from Em, Ingmar, Sofia and Clara’s house to tell you something which I learned just as i was leaving Ohio yesterday. You may already have read it on Alice’s blog. Just when Alice and Nathan arrived to give me the many things she was sending to Em, Alice told me that Nathan had something to tell me. And my dear four year old grandson told me very clearly and happily that he was going to have a new sister or brother soon! I was so amazed. It took my breath away! What happiness!!!  Nathan told me he is hoping for a brother, and later I heard this is partly because he doesn’t think girl’s toys are much fun to play with! Oh, my.  He gets down to the important stuff right away, I see! I feel amazed, joyful and almost overcome to think that soon I may have four grandchildren! What a blessing!

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Clara yawing -I think this is Ingmar's pictureYesterday was Clara’s two week birthday, and today I am driving to Bellefonte to visit them all, Emily, Ingmar, sweet Sofia Maus and newbie Clara Maus. What joy! And I will take my camera with me. It’s already in the car. And I hope to post some pictures when I return.  The picture above is, I think, from Ingmar.

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Here Comes Clara!

Clara Gisela Kristi Rauschert July 8th 2009

Welcome Clara Gisela Kristi Rauschert, born 2:49am on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009, weighing six pounds nine ounces, and twenty-one inches long!


From a little past midnight when Alice called to tell me that Ingmar had called her and that he and Emily were going to the hospital but we didn’t have to rush (because he was remembering the 36 hours of labor when Sofia was born) all through the night until we arrived at Mount Nittany Medical Center a few minutes after six in the morning, Alice, Nathan and I were on a journey to welcome dear little Clara to the beautiful world! She was born at 2:49am. The labor was nothing like Sofia’s! From the time Emily was checked into the hospital and they told her she was ready to deliver it was only four pushes until darling Clara was an “outside baby”. Everyone is doing very well! In fact Ingmar brought Emily and Clara home to St. Paul Street in the middle of Thursday afternoon! My heart is so happy! Sofia is very interested in her new sister and gives her “softies”, “aya ayas” as a sign of her love. After lunch on Friday Alice, Nathan and I drove home to Ohio and some down time. It’s been so busy for the last week. Friday July 3rd I was driving to Chautauqua and Alice and Mike and Nathan did too, but with a stopover in Clarion, PA to pick up Sofia so she could come to the cottage with us and give Em and Ingmar a weekend together with a bit of peace before the busy-ness of a new baby. And now they are a family of four! I hope Paul is rejoicing somewhere!

p.s. I am using one of Ingmar’s photos of his daughter because, naturally, I forgot to take my camera with me!

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