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Chairs from World Market

Sometimes silence is golden, but sometimes it means other things – there is sometimes a silence which comes from a small amount of depression and sadness, remembering other days.  This silence needs to be regarded with a kindly and compassionate eye and transformed into something happier and more communicative!

This is my only post for the month of November which was so busy, really. I should have posted more! It’s the last day today.
Today is the Feast of St. Andrew, and my son is named Andrew, so I am glad that I am not ignoring the month altogether.
The picture (from world market, and they don’t have the little table)  is of Emily and Ingmar’s new chairs for their dining room. The ones they had inherited from my mother, which she bought, I believe, between 1936 and 1940, have finally given out. Really, truly, completely Given Out…..And they were really not strong enough to justify reworking the woven seats. When I drove to Bellefonte the Friday before Thanksgiving I was able to see them, but more excitingly, I was able to see Em, Ingmar, Sofia Maus and baby Clara Maus…………(Yes, it’s a family of mice and I am sometimes called “Nana Maus”.)
The weather was remarkably warm this month and still is more mild than often in gloomy November, and sunnier as well. Thanksgiving was a lovely feast together at Alice’s house and all people who came each  brought different parts of it. The next day was the Cousins Party which is also at Alice’s. Saturday was the Claus family reunion and also an 80th birthday party for my oldest-in-America brother-in-law Gyuri and a 70th birthday for the sister-in-law closest to Paul’s age, Alice Bellagh. I was only at the first and last of these events, but they were heartwarming in the best possible way. Gyuri’s sons put together a wonderful photo book and a slide show for him….
And now, Advent begins. Actually, it began yesterday. Today or tomorrow I will take a wreath to Paul’s grave, and also put up an Advent wreath in my book room, on the little round table there. I hope one of these Advent Sundays, or another time, Alice, Nathan and Mike will come over and sing Christmas carols with us. But mostly I am remembering happy times when our children were growing up and Pali and I made this our custom every Sunday afternoon in Advent. I think it was a custom which bonded us together.
I am sitting at the table where we eat, typing this, looking at a candle burning away in one of a new pair of candlesticks which are like little birds. It is reminding me that it is better to light a candle than stand and curse the darkness.  This is a nice thought for Advent, while we wait to celebrate the birth of the light of the world. I will think of more concrete ways to light candles this month. This poor world needs more light!

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