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I hate to complain all about WordPress, all the time, and I feel as if I’m doing this. However, I just tried to add something to a saved draft by “pasting” in a quote, and it lost everything…..Grrrrrr.

Nathan tasting "Akac" - the flowers of black locust

This picture of my grandson Nathan is from last year, but it is again the season for the Black Locust trees to bloom, the Acacia (really pseudoacacia) which Hungarians call Akac, pronounced aw’kahts.

Some books list this as somewhat toxic, but Hungarians sample the sweet flowers every spring and I’ve never known anyone to suffer any ill effects.

Perhaps it shows something slightly goofy about my motivations or character that I’ve planted all the trees well-loved by Hungarians, the ones that show up in poetry so often, in my yard.¬† I have oaks, though not the European one, and gingko because of the one from my mother-in-law’s childhood home, and horse chestnuts and “harsfa” (harsh’faw) the linden tree with the blossoms that can be dried for tea. And I had a sort of hybrid poplar since¬† the lombardy poplars that make so many country roads charming in Hungary are not long lived hereabouts. But my hybrid poplar (which may actually have been an alder sold under false pretenses) died last summer!

I was truly laughing out loud this morning when I read Alice’s facebook post about Nathan this morning….He and his friend Cooper were searching through the yard for “pets” and after “careful consideration” Alice told Nathan that he could keep as a pet any deer he could actually catch. I told her she should put a time limit on this offer! But apparently the deer trap was made of a bright blue rope tied in a loop, hidden in some leaves, with a carrot inside. The boys were nowhere near and Alice felt the deer were pretty safe.They do have a fair number of deer in their yard, being only about a mile from a National Park which is quite overpopulated with the lovely white-tailed Virginia deer.

This is a sweet time of life………

a fawn.........we see them too.

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