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Prayers for Norway

I am grieving for the tragedy in Norway, for all the families affected, for lives cut short. And I can only pray for healing for all, for healing for the sad world.  For our hearts to have love which is the only weapon that works to stop such deeds of darkness and hate.

I have been reading a lovely Nowegian blog for several years now and I recommend it to you all:


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These days which are way too warm for me (as well as hundreds of thousands of other people) I am spending a fair amount of time in the air-conditioned part of my house, reading books that are not too heavy or too deep, but are satisfyingly entertaining….Sometimes I am reading “old favorites”, those authors I have been rereading for thirty or forty years. And sometimes I am trying out new books from the library. They may be books a friend recommended or books I found myself like Bruno, Chief of Police. I enjoy mysteries that are not dark or scary and preferably set in distant places. Bruno in this series by Martin Walker is definitely a good guy, one I enjoy reading about as much as Donna Leon’s Brunetti. The books are set in the Dordogne,  near Perigord and near Lascaux where the famous cave paintings are, a part of the world said to have been inhabited for the last 40,000 years of so.

There are two books in this series and a third due to come out in August which I hope my library will order since they have the first two in the series and I am trying not to buy books in the wild and crazy way I have in the past. Too may of those books ended up being carried off to Goodwill because I can only have so many bookshelves in my house!

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I don’t know what the future holds for Denis Kucinich, but I am convinced that he usually tells truths, and truths that are very inconvenient. I hope more people are listening. I hope there will arise a desire to change these truths. I hope our country will find its way back to a land where there is not such disparity of wealth and so little desire to help the most vulnerable and poor.

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An Interesting Visitor

I didn’t really know what to call this entry. And that’s often the case! Sunday evening my son Andy had a visit from his friend Istvan (the Hungarian form of Stephen) who has been working on building a sort of Lotus car for himself for the last five years – though he really didn’t work on it when he was finishing his graduate degree in engineering. The beginning of it took place at our house, in our garage, in 2005 when Paul and I were in Hungary for a few months.

Andy has been calling it a Lotus, but it’s really a Brunton Stalker V6 and you can read a little more about it here:           http://www.bruntonauto.com/

When Istvan arrived the car was overheating so they took the hood off and that was the first way I saw it. After sitting in the drive and cooling somewhat (with the help of a fan) they put the hood on and went out for a test drive, taking along the manual and a fire extinguisher. Just what every mother is hoping for! Her son out for a ride in a car that needs a fire extinguisher for safety!

But they it made back ok, and I have to admire Istvan’s tenacity in getting this car to work. On the drive down here from Twinsburg he said the police, not surprisingly, followed him for about ten miles, but then disappeared. He wasn’t doing anything illegal.

As usual one picture is missing and you may have to click on the second one to see all of it………

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When it’s as hot as it is now, we all love to spend time in water: a beach, a pool, ocean, lake, or even a little wading pool. I have loved water all my life –  well, we begin our lives in a watery world, don’t we? So only natural…..My youngest grandson is now moving to being able to have fun in a little wading pool on the deck. This photo is courtesy of his mother, Alice.

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When you are a little over 6'6" it's not that easy to fit into this train!

A long and happy Fourth of July weekend at the cottage with my daughters, their husbands and four grandchildren is now a memory.

A memory of  fishing and bocci ball and Clara’s second birthday party and hearing about the parade and having fun at Midway, an amusement park over 60 years old which my children enjoyed as they grew up and which has now become a New York State Park that my grandchildren are enjoying.

the Birthday Girl with her cupcake

I scream, you scream..............

Stephen at the party

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