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A Walk in the Woods

Today Alice and Andy are taking a walk in the woods at the Naturealm, an Akron Park near us…I used to walk there often with my children and with Paul, and after my operation in December and rehab, I am hoping to walk in the woods again.  All my life I have loved to walk in the woods. From my grandparent’s house on Story Road I could walk directly from their yard through a field full of wild flowers and grasses into the woods that led to part of  the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation, though I don’t know if it was called that all those years ago in the late 40s and early 50s.  It was so beautiful, and I believe that if a person has this connection to nature as a child, it will never be lost. My grandchildren have it, though they don’t and probably won’t in their childhood, have the amazing freedom my generation did. Our parents didn’t really care where we were as long as we turned up at mealtimes and when it began to get dark! It was not that they were bad parents. All parents were that way in those days. There wasn’t this extreme sense of danger that exists today.  I think it is too much, but my kids go on long family walks together and this is a great blessing!

I have been missing this great blessing for too long. I probably should have had this surgery a few years ago, but I was dreading it very much. Now I’m trying to focus on what I should be able to do after rehab.  I don’t lack people who are willing to walk with me in beautiful places!

Actually, I live in a beautiful place and have a lot to look at in my own yard which is a little more than an acre and a half. But I don’t see the edges anymore because of arthritis. I am looking forward to a time when this will no longer be such an obstacle. Let it be!

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The Hiroshige print is what I feel like just this moment with the rain heavily drumming on the skylight in this room. It’s not a bad feeling, but definitely an autumn one and I want to begin bringing the potted plants in from the deck !

It all puts me in a domestic, gather it all in mood, planning my Thanksgiving menu sort of mood which the picture of the  mother and son with apples is supposed to show. I am planning my Thanksgiving menu. This year it will be at my house and I’m excited about that. There will be twelve of us -my son Andy and I, my daughter Alice and her family, daughter Em and her family and my dear sister in law Alice and her husband Barney. Their kids live far away in Alaska and the state of Washington and we feel lucky to have them join us. They are people with real Thanksgiving hearts, generous ones. While Paul was ill and I was his caretaker, they invited him over every Tuesday to give him the stimulation of being someplace else and me a bit of a break. I can never ever thank them enough.  They were never asked if they could help, they simply and wonderfully volunteered.

I don’t make the whole dinner myself anymore. Alice will do the turkey. Emily the desserts. Andy is in charge of mashed potatoes. (A funny aside here is that my oldest grandchild, Nathan, who will be seven years old in December, has just two days ago eaten mashed potatoes for the first time. Before that he refused to even try them, though usually he must at least try things. And naturally, he loved them and now says, “they’re the greatest”!) Ingmar usually comes over to help Andy peel the mountain of potatoes. I’m in charge of veggies and will make a vegetarian stuffing and a mashed cauliflower dish for the low carbers among us. And Alice my sil will always surprise us with something delicious! I love the gathering together of people who care for one another.

I’m changing my hutch cupboard which usually has Hungarian folk art dishes most of the year to displaying my grandmother’s Johnson Bros. Flying turkey ones which are full of happy memories and about 70 years old. But we’ll probably eat on my mother’s Spode Romney plates which are another set of happy memories. I’ll try to get some pictures of this up sometime soon.

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog! My daughter Alice has had pneumonia, the dumpster in the driveway has needed filling. But Alice is on the mend and the dumpster, pretty nearly full, has departed and things are slightly calmer for the moment.

Now I’m off to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm we belong to, Crown Point, to pick up one of the last shares of the season though we will be getting one more regular one after this and Thanksgiving and Christmas shares as well…Life is good.

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