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A Short Journey South

A very short journey south, with my daughter Alice and grandson Stephen, to Holmes County, Ohio, a place we visit every few months at the very least. These pictures are all taken through my car window, so please excuse them. But since I’m not sure I do much of a better job when they are taken without a somewhat dirty window  in view, perhaps it doesn’t matter that much.

Perhaps worse than the dirty window is the fact that the car is moving, my camera is slow, and cars suddenly come down a driveway!

Some of my blog readers live near Amish areas and this will not be so interesting to them. But I think it may be to others, and a future post will be about a visit to Stan Hywet Hall, much more interesting to  people from rural Pennsylvania or Ohio.

I tried to crop this, unsuccessfully, as you see. I wanted to show the rolling hills of this part of Ohio.

Alice and I made a mistake planning this trip. We came on a Thursday, the main market day in Kidron, the day of the horse auction. It’s a big draw for tourists. We wanted to visit Lehman’s Hardware, but even their always expanding parking lot seemed to have no little corner for us at all.

There are many other places and routes through this area, but Alice and I have been taking the same one for quite a time. We drive to Kidron to the Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Shop, then down to Lehman’s and the Thousand Villages shop. Slowly we wend our way to Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen in Mount Hope for their nice buffet.

The picture of the Amish girl with the trays of food is not mine, and usually Amish do not like to have their picture taken. But it is not so for all of them, and I hope it did not disturb this young woman to have her picture taken….

Along the way we sometimes stop at The Ashery, a well known bulk food store, or at one of the farm stands or green houses along the way, depending on the time of year.

And by that time, we often begin the hour drive home. I stay longer if I am alone or with a quilting friend. Then we often find our way down to Berlin (Bur’ lin) or Charm for the great fabrics at Miller’s Dry Goods. There is also a very large lumberyard with a store said to be more along the lines of Lehman’s which is nearby. I’ve never stopped there, but there’s always, “someday” to do it.

I’ve been driving down to this area since the early 80s when I already thought parts were too commercial, and it has become more and more so. I try to avoid the main drag between Berlin and Sugar Creek. Not at all authentic anymore, I’d say. But Kidron is not that crazy, even on auction day.


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My Favorite Day

I hope I can use this image which I borrowed from a friend’s facebook post.
It expresses my philosophy of life, even on days such as this one when I seem to have a late summer cold. It’s still my favorite day, because at the moment, it’s the only day I have.

My pictures began working again, mysteriously, about the same time that my inspiration went on a fairly long vacation.

I hope it is on the return journey to me, though I’m not yet certain. Nothing much has been happening. Andy went with his team to Johnson Space Center in Houston for a week and returned with the cold he generously gave to me. But I think I’m having a rather milder version of it than he did, for which mercy much thanks.

We’ve gotten rain from Isaac, but we NEEDED rain, very much, so I am not complaining. I’ve just been reading a lot of mysteries and spending too much time on the computer.  Yesterday and today my car has been away having brakes worked on and other things done. I truly hope it returns today because I have many library books to be picked up.

That’s most of the thrilling local news this favorite day, and I hope I have more to offer you soon!

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