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“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”

Sofia july 2013 sprinkle park with barney

Summer days are filled with a dazzling sort of sleepiness, a strange combination of attention and inattention. No, no. That doesn’t express it properly at all. But these summer days that run through my hands like sand and water and can be so very lethargic when heat and humidity rise can also be filled with a lazy wonder. I seem to see that blogs are far less attended to, overall. Of course there are exceptions. I’m not one, I believe. But perhaps this odd feeling recaptures something from childhood.

I’m feeling much better these days and traveling between Ohio and Lake Chautauqua too often, but enjoying it greatly. I see my granddaughters often. But July is running past too quickly and Sofia’s kindergarten classes begin in early August. Already. It’s so close….There is no way to slow down time. The best we can do is pay attention to each minute as it is with us. And sometimes that doesn’t seem enough. But perhaps it is.

At the cottage, my offspring and their cohorts have cleaned back the underbrush from the lot line and trimmed off some lower branches of trees so that we can once again see our dock from the porch. This is a real joy. To sit rocking on the glider watching the lake……Oops! Can’t sit on the glider because Sofia’s Papa is storing lots of wood and tools there to help in his reworking the railing project. But I can sit at the table where we usually eat and play cards in the evenings and watch the sparkling waters.

sofia july 2013 smiling

Here is a picture of the almost Kindergarten girl herself…Sweet Sofia. Today she and Clara, Nathan and Stephen, are enjoying a “Sprinkle Park” in Olmsted Falls. This is a park with fountains coming up from the ground like the ones we know from Venice, Florida. Children love them, especially on a warm summer day!

Alice (of origami fame) and wonderful Barney, her husband since 1963 which means their fiftieth wedding anniversary will be here in December invited them and brought a picnic for them. So this is a day for living in the moment with happy grateful hearts, for finding the best of summer!

sofia july 2013 all kids in water

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Sweet Summer Days

I am just back from a few days at Chautauqua. Because I drove up with Alice, I came home with her and will return in my own car in a few days and when I return again to Ohio, my granddaughters Sofia and Clara will be with me. They are going to stay with Alice for a long weekend while their parents go off for some R&R together. And then we will all be returning again. Nathan and his Dad will be a bit later than the rest of us because they are spending some time camping out with their Boy Scout troop and will drive to the lake as soon as that is over…..

And I left my camera at the cottage and all my pictures of Clara’s fourth birthday party as a princess will need to wait until I’m there to post them.

But I will be able to post them there because the three of us have split the cost of something Verizon sells which is called “Mi-Fi” and lets us have Wi-Fi coverage at the cottage without getting cable for three months as we used to. Once one buys the Mi-Fi device, which can let up to ten people use wi-fi there, one only needs to pay for the month it’s actually in use.

Stephen carrying Paul's picture with him. and playing with Papapa

Something Stephen does from time to time is carry a photo of Paul around with him. Sometimes he puts it next to him when he’s watching TV so they can watch together. Today he carried it around so they could play together. This always makes me smile, even when my eyes are a bit teary.

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Em and her family are already at Lake Chautauqua. They saw the county Fourth of July parade in Mayville, and are now enjoying the beach and the lake and the neighbors.
Chautauqua labor day 2011 the house

Chautauqua the Chautauqua Belle

chautauqua 2013 view from our front yard alice foto june 12

Alice and her family are on their way to a family wedding in Iowa, but planned their trip to spend two days in Chicago, watching the fireworks there and exploring the city.

Nathan July 2013 Chicago ice cream to heal the wound on his back from the playground

Nathan thought the ice cream in Chicago pretty special.

Nathan July 2013 making origami Yoda while they waited in chicago for dinner......

Nathan enjoys origami learned from his great aunt, another Alice. Here is an origami Yoda made with a napkin while waiting for their dinner.

And I leave the day after tomorrow to join Emily & Co. at the lake, and my friend Susan will visit for a few days later on. Summer seems to be the time for road trips.

I wonder if others could make wordpress put their words and pictures where they want them and I am simply inept, or just attempting the impossible.

Everybody seems to be on the move just now, except Andy who is soon to be traveling to Houston with his team from NASA. Even little dog Bo is coming to the lake with me.

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