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An American Hero

I really have to get my one of my offspring to show me how to put these sorts of links in a post in a better way.

This Story Corps memory from the brother of astronaut Ronald McNair who died on the Challenger on January 28th, 1986, really had me in tears, but the end
is so wonderful I had to share it….I posted something about Story Corps not long ago.

Astronaut Ronald McNair


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More snow! What a surprise. I bet everyone is weary of writing and reading comments about the weather this year! We are having another snow day and it is the last of the year that our school district can authorize without extending the school year into June. (I do feel bureaucracy is too intrusive and too rigid in many areas of our lives these days, but I realize I am not unbiased in my opinions.)

My little dog Bo had some difficulties this morning trying to go out when drifts on the deck are higher than he is tall!

And if my camera were up here I’d show you all some photos of this, along with my St. Francis statue which looks as if the man were wearing a twelve foot tall hat of snow. But it must be downstairs and I’m being a bit lazy since I just came back upstairs and am getting ready to help my son strip the wallpaper off the fourth wall of his room Slowly all jobs do get accomplished.

I have been meeting friends for lunch quite a bit lately, but somehow my regular walking-in-the-water and going out and about have been affected by appointments with doctors and the weather. But all the medical news has been very good and I am grateful for all of that. This morning my sil Michael’s mother is having serious surgery and I am praying all goes well for her. And if you feel inclined to pray I would be most thankful for your kindness.

Zentangle one a day

I’m afraid I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and playing with the computer, but I have found one new activity which is rather fun and almost meditative in the focus that one can achieve with it. It’s called Zen Tangle. I think many, many people are already doing these small texture drawings invented by Rick, a monk, and Maria, a calligrapher. Google the word, as one word or two, and you will find many examples. My library has a lot of books on the subject and I’ve found ways to enjoy this without paying wild prices for the zen tangle tiles they sell……Basically, the drawings are small and very dense, textured ones. Youtube has a lot of videos showing how to do various patterns. I think this seems to be jump starting me into doing other sorts of art. My university degree was in studio art, printmaking, specifically, but as Paul became more ill and died and I became more handicapped with my knees and other illnesses, I did not find the time or the heart for it. But it’s time now to move forward….Now I am thinking of joining a nearby art Academy in Peninsula, Ohio, and putting more creativity into my life. Zen tangles are not difficult to do, even if you think you have no talent or ability. You’ll be surprised at what interesting results you can achieve!

And remember, spring is on the way! I can see the buds on my witch hazel outside the window. Many years it would have been blooming already, but I can see it will be a while yet!

Flowers spring witch hazel

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Alice called me this morning, just as their Saturday morning ski club session was over, and said that Nathan had something to tell me.

Shouting into the phone he said that he had earned his black diamond certification this morning at his lesson. I could hear the joy in his voice! This lets him on the toughest hills and he can ski more with Alice after class.

I am so proud of him! He’s been passing new levels nearly every week. Perhaps it is every week. I need to check the photo.

Nathan February 2014 gets black certificate skiing

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First, let me say that Bo is getting better every day. And I deeply appreciate the good wishes for his recovery.

DD Emily is visiting for a few days and was very amused that on the flight in there were almost no men in the airport or on the plane. All home waiting for the Super Bowl, or watching it.

I don’t believe I mentioned that dgs Stephen did not eat solid food for six days. He is a rather stubborn little guy! Apparently he ate something that scratched his throat last Saturday night (January 25th) and told his mother he had something in his throat and would not eat anything solid until the next Thursday. He saw the doctor twice who found nothing in his throat but was not worried because his weight was stable and all his “functions” continued normally. But Stephen would still not eat. He drank smoothies of milk and banana. But when we went to visit my sil Alice on Thursday, he found some Reese’s peanut butter cups, mini ones, in her cupboard, and began cautiously licking and then eating small bits of them. Within a few hours he was asking for a bowl of pretzels which is a pretty scratchy food in my opinion. Chocolate temptation obviously had a big hand in his recovery!

Nathan january 2014 teeter totter with Mike

Nathan and Stephen on the teeter totter with their Dad on the beach at Point Chautauqua a few weeks ago.

Emily shared a story about my sweet Sofia which touched my heart. It seems that often, in the morning, Sofia will ask Em what she is going to teach about that day. Recently Em has been saying, “Creature Math” which is a game her daughters play online. But just now she is not doing mathematical biology and told her daughter that she was teaching about evolution. After a few seconds Sofia asked what that meant and her Mother said, “Change”. After a few moments of thinking, Fia said, “Martin Luther King evolutionized the world. He made it good.” I appreciate the way her mind works! She’s still in kindergarten where the most intellectual thing I remember doing (it was 1950) was cutting out pictures of food and pasting them on construction paper! Yes, with real old-fashioned paste.

sofia dec 07 4th

How quickly they change, and other clich├ęs – Sofia a few months old

Sofia marathon july 2013

Can you see Fia running in the Point Chautauqua marathon last summer?

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