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I have a draft begun about the D.E. Stevenson Gathering in Toronto, but I wonder if I will ever finish it!

So since it is a month and a day since my last post, I thought I would share some of what is happening in my family.

Emily and Ingmar have been moved into their rental house since August 1st. I don’t think I have any photos of it, but it is a fun house, with a balcony that overlooks a pond and waterfall on Yellow Creek, the main stream that flows through Bath to the Cuyahoga River.

Nathan August 2014 exploring an antique item at the chaut inst with Stephen

It’s difficult to realize sometimes that things that seem not that far in the past to me are unknown to my grandchildren and objects of wonder and amazement!

This phone booth is a source of astonishment and curiosity to Nathan and Stephen.

Nathan august 2014 first day of school with chaut t shirt

School is beginning for Nathan in the fourth grade, Sofia in the first, and Clara in real Kindergarten.

Nathan august 2014 first day of school with alice

Nathan August 2014 croquet at the point

This photo is from yesterday. Alice is at Chautauqua with friends, and while they did spend a lot of the day in the lake and on the boat, the kids also had fun with outdoor games.

Stephen August 2014 antique item at chaut inst

And here is Stephen with that “antique object” from the Chautauqua Institution again.

For all who celebrate it, Happy Labor Day! And to everyone else, enjoy your weekend!

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