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The first part of this title is what my grandson Nathan said when he first got glasses and discovered he’d been missing quite a few details that he could now see. It’s what I am feeling this spring day. It’s still pretty cold here but the sun is shining mightily and the world seems so exact! The grass is verging toward out of control and many things are blooming in sharp detail.

Flowers forsythia and bleeding heart

We were at a family party yesterday, about a half hour southeast of here, and I was amazed at all that was in bloom at my niece’s home……She even had a few tulips which she had raised behind chicken wire cages to save them from the deer. I’ve not thought of doing that myself and I doubt I will, but she did have beautiful violet colored tulips! I just switch to daffodils because the deer don’t appear to be attracted to them.

Flowers weeds dandelion

All the spring pollen from flowers and trees has been extremely high this year and my son in law Michael has been having terrible allergies, so he went off to be tested to find out what he is allegic to and what can be done. About ten years ago after a scary episode on a cruise ship when his throat seemed to be swelling closed and he had lots of tingling on his lips and tongue, his family doctor proclaimed him to be allergic to fish and seafood and prescribed an epi pen for him. But at this actual testing, besides the positive results for various pollens, he seemed to be negative for any allergy to fish or seafood. So we’ve all been amused by his next doctor’s appointment at which he needs to take shrimp to the doctor’s office and eat them under supervision. Of course Alice and Stephen who both love all sorts of fish and seafood will be delighted if it proves to be that Mike can eat them whenever he wants without danger.

Mike shrimp 2

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April Days………..

It is lovely here in April, even if we have not yet reached the level of spring that I see on other blogs. Lots of flowers are in bloom and every day I see that the grass is greener. Every morning and evening I hear the frogs we call peepers calling out. I wake to birdsong and when I drive through the valley I see the herons flying giant “twigs”, really small branches, to their nests. Kids are playing outside. Neighbors are picking up debris from the winds of winter.

Stephen April 2015 planting the pits from his black olives

The urge to get out and garden a bit is hitting all of us….Stephen is planting the pits of green olives at the edge of their driveway. He loves them and is hoping for a harvest in the future.

Stephen april 2015 reading lego catalog in hallway half hour after being put to bed

Do you remember a post from long ago when Nathan was about four years old? It showed him reading in bed with a flashlight after he should have been asleep…A few nights ago Alice went upstairs about an hour after she had put Stephen to bed and found him sitting quietly in the hallway looking at his Lego catalog. Nothing new under the sun!

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It’s been very quiet around here, but I am so much looking forward to Easter which we will spend at my daughter Alice’s. We will not probably see my daughter Emily and her family that day because they are still entertaining Ingmar’s dear Mother who is visiting from near Munich until the Tuesday after Easter though we are having dinner with them before then.

So, just a few old images which make me think of my childhood, to wish you all a Happy Easter.

Easter 2015 my childhood ducky

Easter 2015 Pauls pussywillows

The one above is from an earlier time than my childhood but is included in memory of Paul’s telling me of his family gathering pussy willow for Easter.

Easter 2015 lambs

Easter 2015 bunnies and my generation

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