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I hoped to have another book review up before this pause, but it is not to be……Andy will stay here but I’m off to Point Chautauqua to join friends from Toronto…See you next week! DV.

Art my favorite day from Winnie the Pooh

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At first, I was going to title this “the best laid plans of mice and men…..”

the verse in question, from Robert Burns’ poem “To A Mouse”, for those who would like to know:

“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!

It is very poignant, but perhaps when combined with “if at first you don’t succeed” is not so sad.

Yes, my plans went off “agley” as Robert Burns would have it. I was all ready to entertain Susan and Norman at Point Chautauqua this week when some rescheduling became necessary. All was gloom for a bit. But I saved up my lists of vegetarian menus and book and quilt shops in the area and art galleries. And now we am able to reschedule things much sooner than I feared. They will be coming the week of June 22nd and I am so looking forward to this!

Chaut lbr dy 2011 Sofia and her bike

The Point is such a magical place to all of us….Every year we spent three months there together. Alice said she was nearly in college before she realized most kids didn’t have their Dad with them for summer vacation. Of course Paul was not so much on vacation. He had consulting work, and for many years was rebuilding and remodeling the cottage which would probably have fallen into a hole in the ground if he had not done all that work. It was such a gift to all of us. We all contributed, but Paul’s was the vision, the planning and the heavy labor with lots of help from our nephews.

chautauqua 2013 view from our front yard alice foto june 12

Alice and her family will be there this weekend. In fact they are probably there even as we speak. They were leaving immediately after Nathan’s baseball game. They will be assembling two sets of bunk beds which Alice and I drove to IKEA in Pittsburgh on Wednesday to buy. Four grandchildren need four beds!

Emily and her family, meanwhile, are spending a month in Europe, with Ingmar’s family south of Munich, and Emily’s Aunt and Uncle in Ravensburg and cousins in Heidenheim, and time with his sister Nali and her husband and then a week in a cabin in the alps and then a week in Budapest. It’s a bit more than a month. But meantime, Ingmar broke his foot! I hope it heals very well and quickly! I remember he broke it once on a hike in Iceland, BC (before children).

Ingmar june 2015 broken foot again........

I miss them very much and cannot wait to hear all their news when they return!

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