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More Fun at the Lake

Clara july 2015 kayaking with Mom Em

Last summer Stephen learned how to kayak at Lake Opeongo in Algonquin Provincial Park with a kid kayak that belonged to Alice’s cousin Laci – the father of Ari whose team won the soccer championship yesterday. And this summer I bought one for our cottage and blogged about it on July 10th. It was being enjoyed so much that I bought another one Friday and Emily and her family took it up to the cottage when they drove there yesterday, in time for the Point Picnic. I was thrilled to see pictures of them enjoying the kayaks!

Sofia july 2015 kayaking

Clara july 2015 kayaking

The new one is blue. I thought it would be fun for them to be different….

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Wow!!!! They Did it!!!

Ari’s team won the national championship for their age group (U13) in soccer. I’m so proud of her and all her team!

Jalics Amy and Ari national champions july 2015

On the left is my niece Amy and on the right her daughter the champion Ari!

“Under-13 Girls: So Cal Blues Baker (CA-S) 1-2 (PKs) PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI)
PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI) (RII-C) won the Under-13 Girls championship defeating So Cal Blues Baker (CA-S) (RIV-C) in penalty kicks. The match went to halftime scoreless, leading to believe that both teams would have a match similar to their 0-0 preliminary match on Wednesday. In the 51st minute however, PSG broke through the stalemate on a corner kick play. So Cal Blues tried to clear the ball, but PSG serviced it back in and forward Madison Medalle got a beautiful header to put the Gators in the lead. As play continued, So Cal pressured and produced multiple corner kicks in an effort to get back in the match. Sure enough a corner kick play helped the Cal South side, and defender Lillian Shea saved So Cal Blues with a stoppage time goal, taking the match to overtime. After the 1-1 score remained in overtime, penalty kicks were needed to determine a winner. PSG went up first and got goals by Arianna Jalics, Justina Gaynor, Caitlin O’Malley and Emily Mathews. Intermittently, So Cal players Rilee Harmon, Isabella DAquila, and Marisa Bubnis also found the back of the net. As So Cal’s fourth kicker took a shot, PSG keeper Emma Bourtorwick got a block tapping the ball up and out. All that was needed was one last PSG goal to end it, and midfielder Jessica Koje slotted it in for the victory.”

“It’s almost a feeling of relief right now,” said PSG Gators Head Coach Jeremy Harkins. “I’m so happy for those girls. All the tears really tell the story. This is by far the best team that they’ve ever played and it’s because they worked so hard that they got it done.”

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Still splinted and bandaged and may be so for a month! But getting better at typing.

Too exciting this morning. Alice and the boys were coming over but then I got a phone call from her that they were just leaving the ER. On a hike near O’Neil Woods down by Yellow Creek, Stephen was bitten by a four foot long snake……Alice didn’t know it it were poisonous or not, so they went to the ER for Babies and Children’s and he was the first snake bite victim they’ve apparently ever had. The snake was a common water snake and not poisonous.

Stephen july 2015 snake bite 2

Stephen july 2015 snake bite trying again

Stephen was very brave and Nathan was a great big brother! And we’re glad it was not worse!

The not so local news is about my great niece, Ari, daughter of my nephew Laci, who is in the finals of the National Girls Soccer Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her Dad, who is one of her coaches, wrote this:

“Ari’s amazing team, the Michigan Gators, is playing in the US Youth Soccer National Final tomorrow in Tulsa, OK. In order to qualify to be here they won the Michigan State Cup made up of 44 teams. They then went on to win the Region II championship made up of 16 other state champions which qualified them for the national tournament made up of 4 teams, the winner from each region. They have moved past two of those teams and tomorrow they play in the final match to determine this years national champion in her age group(U13). It will be streamed live http://championships.usyouthsoccer.org/600_pm_field_6__u13g/”

Jalics Ari july 2015 natl champs

Ari is the player on the right.

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I am taking a short break from blog writing because an injury to my thumb has it all splinted andbandaged up….
It may be quite a while before I am back! I will miss you all1

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Nathan july 2015 playing ultimate frisbee with his Dad and other grown ups

Once a week Mike and his family drive more than a half an hour north to Huntington Beach where he joins a team of friends for a game of Ultimate Frisbee……Alice has been telling me what a great group of Dads these are because they are happy to have Nathan join Mike’s team and play with his Dad. It looks like a lot of fun. And Alice and Stephen play in the sand on this Lake Erie beach.

Stephen july 2015 drawing your name mom with her age too

At home, Stephen is more and more interested in writing. Often he tells Alice he is “drawing” her name which includes a portrait and her age. This is such a fun time in a child’s life and lasts such a short time. I wanted to post something about it and remember!

Nathan july 2015 kayaking with Alice

A lot of summer activities are in or near a lake……Here is a photo of Nathan kayaking with Alice. He is in the small kayak I bought this spring which is like the one Alice’s cousin Laci lent them last summer for Stephen to learn on at Lake Opeongo in Algonquin provincial park in Ontario. I bought it on sale for a great price and am really happy that it’s up at Lake Chautauqua and little people are enjoying it already!

Alice July 2015 at the 4th parade in Mayville..........

I’ll end with a picture from the 4th of July parade with all of Alice’s family together…..The essence of summer….Emily and all her crew are back and recovering from their month away… I’ll see them Sunday when we celebrate Clara’s birthday. Little Clara has just turned six and begins first grade in September.

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For years while my kids were growing up we were all together on the 4th of July, celebrating by going to the parade in Mayville and watching the fireworks over Mayville on the west side of the lake from our dock on the east side. Not only are fireworks spectacular, but they are doubled with the amazing reflections in the water.

And this year Alice and her family did that with friends who also had two little kids.

Alice july 2015 her boys at the parade

Nathan and Stephen watching the parade.

Alice july 2015 kilts at the 4th parade in mayville

A bit of Scotland in the parade.

Alice july 2015 newer fire truck parading

There are always lots of vintage fire engines parading.

Alice july 2015 police car at the parade

And the police are represented, too…

And here is a short youtube video of the finale from two years ago:

Andy and I had a quite quiet time in Bath, going out for lunch and listening to fireworks around the neighborhood. It was peaceful, and very happy. I was not at Point Chautauqua, but remembered my time at the end of June when my friend Susan drove down from Toronto and we had a grand old time going to bookstores and quilt shops and sitting on the porch, watching the lake and having the DESultory conversations of D.E. Stevenson fans…. I would post some photos of our loot here, but my picture library is saying this format is not allowed, though I am sure it is! Grinding of teeth…….I bought two puppets from one of the bookstores and Alice told me that the kids played with them (a pirate and a ballerina) for hours.

Emily and her crew might have had the most exciting time because the Red Bull Air Races are back in Budapest on the 4th and 5th of July and so are Em and Co… The planes entered the course by flying under the more than 150 year old Chain Bridge over the Danube. Sofia was very excited about this. Well, I am sure they all were……You can watch a video about it here:


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