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Today is August 18th, 2015 and it would have been the 70th birthday of my dear husband Paul Jalics, had he lived…. He always teased me about being an “older woman” because I was some months older than he, though we were born in the same year, 1945.

This is the day we would become the same age again!

I know he would be very happy to see how much fun the next generation is having at Chautauqua. He loved water skiing and taught many people and kids to enjoy this sport. This weekend his grandson Nathan got up on skis for the first time at his first attempt.
Well done, Nathan!

Paul August 2015

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I’ve been in Ohio since Saturday, though the drive home seems to have precipitated a huge flare up of arthritis in my right shoulder, arm and hand…This is a surprise because the drive there Tuesday before yesterday caused no problems at all.

It is still difficult to write so this will be short!
The week at the cottage was lots of fun, doing things with my granddaughters, things outside and within. I taught them how to do zen tangle designs on squares that can ultimately become coasters they can give as gifts (http://pinsta.me/tag/nzeppel) and I taught them how to make the kind of paper dolls I made as a child. You can google homemade paper dolls and find lots of inspiration and direction.

Now Ingmar is back at the cottage with Fia and Clara after a weekend in Ohio selling his wonderful Bavarian pretzels at the Howe Meadow Market. His project now is rebuilding the rock “wall” at the front of our property. Four tons of rocks were delivered….Is this a good idea for someone with back problems?

The talk on Saturday about the Poor Farm in Dewittville was fascinating and I hope to write about that next.

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Alice August 2015 midway with cousins

I’ll be having fun with my kids and grandkids and ending the week with a talk at the Firehall given by the county historian Michelle Henry about the Poor Farm which used to be down on Meadows Road….It’s sponsored by the Point Chautauqua Historical Preservation Society and I arranged for the speaker, so I’m quite excited to hear her talk.

I’ll be back home next week!

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