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It was a busy but very fun week and weekend, and of course, most of the time I forgot my camera and the rest of the time I had it but in my luggage and not with me…….

On Friday I attended Silver Linings Day at Hillcrest School, a school where all of my children and three of my grandchildren have been or are students. And another will join the ranks next year. Silver Linings is an appreciation day for grandparents put on by second graders and Sofia maus is the second grader just now. First we joined our grandchildren in their classrooms (there are nine second grades) and our grandchildren read to us and gave us a tour of the classroom. Sofia was so glowing and full of excitement and happiness that it was pure joy for me. And I think every child had at least one grandparent in attendance. Then we all marched off to the gym where we were welcomed by the principal, Miss Gulley, and entertained with a number of songs and poems.
Now I understand why Sofia has been singing “It’s a Wonderful World” a lot recently! Some of the songs were very emotional and most of the audience had tears in their eyes. Then potted plants were awarded to grandparents who had won because they were the oldest grandparent, had come the farthest to be there, had the most grandchildren, or great grandchildren or had a unique talent…Two people (well, three actually) won this last. One woman could balance a pencil on her upper lip. Another couple were great ballroom dancers.(I recognized them as parents of a girl who was in one of my Girl Scout troops in the ’80s). Both of these winners demonstrated their talents.

And that was Friday….Next day I was picked up by Emily and her family and we drove to our cottage at Lake Chautauqua to attend the wedding of our neighbor’s beautiful daughter Meredith. Alice and her family were already there. The wedding was another joy. Emily remembers that Meredith was the first baby she was allowed to hold. And I remember her from the day she came home from the hospital! And the many times she came over to visit with me on the porch, beginning at the age of two. She would shyly and silently look at all my sea shells, one by one. She remembers learning to hear the ocean while holding a conch shell to her ear……..And now she is a “married lady”. All grown up. May she be blessed every day of her life.

Paul always said there are no ugly brides and no ugly Christmas trees, but Meredith seemed especially beautiful! She and Bud were married at the Hall of Philosophy at the Chautauqua Institution and had their reception at the beautiful and historic Athenaeum Hotel.

Meredith september 2015 with Bud at table

Meredith september 2015 walking with hubby

Meredith september 2015 Athenaeum from lake

Meredith september 2015 table shot

Meredith september 2015 Bud and lake

So, I think I will not stop blogging, if and when the spirit moves me…..

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Another Very Desultory Post

Although the weather has returned to quite warm, the shorter hours of daylight make it clear that autumn IS on the way….

Perhaps when the weather changes a bit more I will recover my desire to blog! I see such big changes in this blogging world. I’ve been reading blogs for years now, more than eight years because I know I was reading them toward the end of Paul’s life. Many of the ones that supported me so much during those days have ceased to exist or have so greatly changed that it amounts to much of the same thing. It is so strange. It is like losing friends that one perhaps only had the illusion of having. But it still feels like a loss.

And I do not blog as often as I used to and have thought of stopping altogether many times. For the moment, the heart seems to have gone out of this for me, and I wonder whether I am just in a strange and temporary mood or this is a new reality.

What you think, you “dear readers”?

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A Long Time……….

It certainly has been a long time since my last blog post! WordPress seems to have changed the way one adds a new post and I’m not at all sure this is going to work. But one lives in hope!

My thumb is back in a splint but I hope is getting better and we have been very busy here lately. I have so many pictures that I think I must share some of them.

My nephew Bob was visiting his parents for a while and he had a wonderful birthday party for the 80th birthday of his Dad, Barney. There were extraordinary desserts! Bob made my favorite cake in the world, a Hungarian toasted hazelnut cream torta! What flavor. And the family was all gathered and celebrating! But that was only the beginning.

Jalics Bellagh Barney bacsi's 80th birthday August 23 2015

And lest you think Barney is a sedentary octogenarian, he was giving his wife Alice fits yesterday as he climbed up a tall ladder to reach into a tree in their yard.

Alice september 2015 barney bacsi at home on a ladder

Around the same time there was a Hungarian Scout Jubilee camp in Filmore, New York, attended by two of my nephews, Jozsi and Miki and their families. There were Hungarian Scouts in Exiles there from five continents, even Shanghai, China. I must have looked at more than a thousand photos posted of the camp and was terrifically impressed. In the past my own kids attended such gathering and the energy and creativity involved are astonishing. This “jubi tabor” had the theme of the life and times of Prince Ferenc Rakoczi II of Transylvania. If you are consumed with curiosity you can read about him here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_II_R%C3%A1k%C3%B3czi.

Cserkeszet jubi 2015 bottle dance

Cserkeszet jubi tabor 2015 last  photo of Nadas Jancsi and I think his fiance</

There were some extraordinary photos of the camp, some taken by a drone. But so much has been going on, I want to rush on to the next thing and try to catch up today.

Emily's birthday was last Monday, and the next day my niece Ursula and her “new” fiance Christian arrived from Frankfurt, Germany (via Michigan's upper Peninsula. Isle Royale, and Algonquin Provincial Park in Toronto, Canada. We were at a birthday dinner For Emily on Sunday evening and then a big party for Emily and Ursula and Christian on Tuesday. It really has been crazy with parties lately!

Alice august 2015 party for Ursula etc Susie and I talking

Alice august 2015 ursula party cousins and brothers

We think Ingmar is secretly delighted that our family now has another man who is two meters tall – Ursula’s Christian.

Em september 2015 at rubber ducks with ursula bingo night

Where would you take your German visitors but to an American baseball game? Alice, her family, Emily and Ursula and Christian attended a match with our Akron Rubber Ducks. It was Bingo night, apparently. I never knew such a thing existed. But both Emily and Ursula were winners! Crazy!

Alice august 2015 ursula at rd game em and christian too

Today they visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame among other things and even had a coffee with cousin Tom who works “downtown”. So I leave you with my favorite photo of the bunch, Stephen having fun in the ball pit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.]

Stephen september 2015 ball pit at r r hall of fame

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