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I have really neglected January 2016, haven’t I! Much has happened since my last post

Before it is too far past Martin Luther King Day, I want to share the lovely drawing my granddaughter Sofia did to commemorate it. She is a great lover of birds and a lot of her drawings are about them, so I wasn’t surprised that the protesters from the 1950s all turned out to be owls… An owl with a pearl necklace. An owl with a top hat. All of them holding signs saying, “We want freedom”, and “We want to be treated fairly”.

Sofia Jan 2015 martin luther king day drawing


Although the end of 2015 was unusually warm, even including the Christmas vacation, January has proved the truth of, “when the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen”. But that’s all to the good for grandchildren who have been enjoying a  lot of skiing…Last weekend they went to our cottage and skied at Peek ‘n Peek. http://www.pknpk.com/ And besides skiing they went snow tubing, something I’d never heard of before. It’s like tubing behind a boat, except you do it downhill on snow…….

Nathan January 2016 at the Point with Stevie

Here are two brothers on the beach(Ha!) at the Point.

Nathan jan 23 2016 ski club at boston mills for 4 gkids

And four grandchildren at ski club today at Boston Mills. I heard that Stevie had a breakthrough and now likes to ski since he can do it so much better now. And Nathan’s teacher is using him as an example for the other kids. Maybe he will love this sport as much as his grandfather did! I loved skiing myself, until bad knees rather put an end to it around 1992. But when I first learned in the ’70s, what a joy it was…How proud I was when one of my brothers in law told me that,  “You ski like a 12 year old boy who is determined not to be left behind.” I know it didn’t say much for my style and technique, but maybe for my enthusiasm.

My days, this January, have been busier with Artist Way activites – the three morning pages handwritten first thing every morning and the Artist’s Dates once a week. And I’ve been working on a watercolor of a sort of fantasy city, not done by any means. Still in the study phase while I try to understand what it’s all about. We had to miss class last Sunday and tomorrow is going to be a longer class with communal soup afterwards. I am making savory things in muffin tins to bring.

The other activity taking up my days is Stewart’s Caring Place.  http://www.stewartscaringplace.org/

I’ve been aware of this for years. I think I began receiving mail as early as 2010 but never got my act together enough to do anything about it, or even go to see the place. I have been trying to find a silver sneakers yoga class close to home and at a reasonable hour, but hadn’t succeeded and when I mentioned this to a therapist I see, he suggested Stewart’s Caring Place.  It was begun years ago by a woman named Mimi Surloff whose husband Stewart had died of lung cancer. He was quite young and as a widow myself I was very sorry to hear this. But after, because they had not been able to find the kind of support they wanted, she began this foundation in his memory. It has all manner of supporting activities for people who have had cancer, or are in the midst of treatment. So now I am doing two exercise classes a week there, and have had a workshop about making skin care products at home and also had nearly an hour of Reiki treatment. All free. There are a lot of things offered and they are also available to the families, and amazingly, if I wanted to do something at a time when I was watching one of my grandchildren, they would arrange for a person (whose background had been checked) to come and watch that child while I was doing the activity. Their room for young children is a delight, and they also have a room for older kids, and all the facility has WiFi.

Besides many sorts of classes, and social events and special workshops, they have a large room with wigs (and hats and scarves) for people who need them because of the effects of chemotherapy, and they have make-up classes and help for those who lose their eyebrows. They also have volunteers who are financial advisers because the cost of having cancer is sometimes overwhelming for people and it’s not a time when one is usually good at making wise decisions. Oh, I think this is a wonderful place where I have already met some very good people and I’m very happy it’s in my life now.



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Good News of Many Sorts!

Yesterday morning I finally regained access to my rocketmail account. I was beginning to think it would never happen and gave myself little  pep talks about how that was ok, and life would go on. But seriously, there are several sorts of information there which I need for taxes, health and business which would be sad to lose.

And now, they are not lost. Only my confidence is lost. I think I must have “hard copies” of important information and not trust yahoo. Still, I now have my password written down and hope all will be ok. And they did help me, and a lot of the problem, perhaps all of it, was my own fault.

Birds bluebirds from nytimes 2008

These are blue birds of happiness, and life beginning again.

And very shortly I will be off for my second class of The Artist’s Way. We had a blizzard this morning and I was afraid it would be cancelled but Carolyn emailed everyone that she has a warm fire going in her living room and hot mulled cider for us to drink. I am eager to be off!

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Sad News

art marianne gelmo

This painting is by Marianne Gelmo. It is making me feel better.

Yesterday when I was having a problem with my ancestry account, their support person told me to delete all my temporary files. I unchecked the part about logins, but apparently, it was not enough.

I now have two problems which may never be resolved and make me very sad. I cannot access my rocketmail account, which is something that has belonged to yahoo for a million years.

And now, Yahoo offers no live support. I do have a cell phone but they did not send me the verification there as they said they would. The email account to which they might send it is gone lo these many years. And


They have a help center which is not able to help me. I think if I could talk to a person, I could get this fixed. But I doubt I will be able. For after trying many phone numbers I ended with a recording that said that


This is such poor service I cannot imagine how to express what I think of yahoo. but I have had this account since, perhaps 1997. So much is stored on it….So much that I do not want to lose.

My other email is kristijalics@gmail.com.

You can reach me there.

I’ve tried to resubscribe to the D.E. Stevenson yahoo group which I co-founded in 1997 under the gmail account, but it only takes me to the yahoo and I cannot access that. I somehow lost that  password.

Trying to solve this. And I’ve called the Federal Trade Commission and the FCC and now the Fereral Information Center will be next. I wonder if my senator can help?

Meanwhile, here is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson which may make me feel better. Or not.

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing
anything that is beautiful
for beauty is God’s handwriting
– a wayside sacrament.
Welcome it in every fair face,
in every fair sky,
in every fair flower,
and thank God for it as
a cup of blessing.”
I know this is not a serious problem as problems go in the world but it is a very saddening one……………………………………………………………………
Andy thinks I am too upset too soon, jumping the gun…….He’s right!



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The time from Christmas Eve until  the first January day back to school has always been a strange time, a sort of out-of-time time, actually.

It’s been very busy this year even though we had only the fewest flakes of snow for fun for the grandchildren….There have been a lot of social events. On Wednesday 22 people in my family (including myself) spent a day at Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay Water Park. They were roughly half grown ups and half children and most of the children were 11 or under. It was fun, but noisy and the younger children were not that easy to keep track of! But that was not so much my problem and they were all found quickly.

Castaway bay mapThis map makes it look smaller and simpler than it felt when going from one area to another ! The pictures of this water park are from their website, but give some sense of what it was like.

Castaway wave poolcastaway bay toddler pool

casatway bay bucket of water

I think you get the idea! The next day was the 31st and I was tired from all that fun! I almost decided to stay home from the New Year’s Eve party at my daughter Alice’s home. But luckily I changed my mind and Andy drove me there and back again. I brought along a Crosley Cruiser record player (which can play 3 speeds of records) I had bought as a Christmas present to myself and the newly rediscovered recording given to my mother in 1948 after she and I were on a CBS radio quiz show together when we visited Aunt Ned and Uncle Jim in New York. My cousin Bobby was working for CBS at the time and I think he arranged for this to happen. It was strange to hear something from so long ago, but sweet as well. And then we all enjoyed the wonderful Raclette party Alice and Mike hosted. Emily brought her own Raclette and Alice had gotten one from Emily for Christmas so it worked very well.

If you are not familiar with the little table grills for Raclette you can read something about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raclette.

Alice Racletter nys 22015 6 2ndAlice raclette nyrs 2015 6 first

There was an amazing amount of food! And we were only seven adults and four children.

Alice raclette nyrs 2015 6 3rd

Andy, Mike, and Ingmar – three brothers in law….Mike complained that his head always looks too small in group pictures so Andy is leaning way back to fix that.


Alice raclette nyrs 2015 6 4th

Alice was really happy because her best friend from high school who has lived in Seattle for many years was in town and able to come to the party!

Friday and today were pretty quiet “catch up” days. But tomorrow my new twelve week course of The Artist’s Way begins at three in the afternoon. I am really looking forward to this. I took the class last year but had very low energy because of thyroid problems. I should be doing better this year!

I have not made any real resolutions for the year. There are some things I will probably always be working on, but I suppose my main idea these days is that I want to live each day, really each minute, with awareness and gratitude.



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