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Last night Alice, Mike, Stephen, Andy, Emily, Clara, Sofia and I were at Camp Christopher attending the banquet for our local cub scout troops. Nathan, who has been in cub scouting for five years now, crossed over the bridge to Boy Scouting. I felt proud but rather sad. Rather, as if next weekend we might be attending his high school graduation.

Of course that’s pretty silly, but how fast life rushes by. And how much he has done in those years, to earn the Arrow of Light and become a Boy Scout.

Nathan feb 2016 crossing over to boy scouting

This is a photograph from the mother of another scout. Alas,  I did not have a camera with me and Alice has not sent me anything either….There was a huge crowd there with many troops and all their parents, siblings and other relatives and well wishes. We began with a huge dinner.  The troop provided many sorts of pizza and baked chicken and salads and lots of families brought wonderful side dishes…..We had the banquet in one building and walked to another for the ceremony and there were more tables with desserts on them!

I’m remembering some earlier cub scout memories of Nathan!

Nathan April 2015 cub scout camp out when Stephen threw up all night

A camp out last April………Nathan is third from the left……

Nathan Jan 2013 off to pinewood derby

Off to the Pinewood Derby in 2013. It feels long ago!Nathan jan 2015 he and a few others in his pack carried the flag for the Cavs game.

A photo of the time when they carried in the flag at a Cavs game in 2015.

There are more pictures, but wordpress is not playing nicely tonight and I think I will end this here….You can see that they have done wonderful things together and grown so much these last five years.



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I’ve never seen this before, but found it intriguing.

art tree zodiac

Isn’t it intriguing how one doesn’t believe in zodiacs but wonders if there is an element of truth in them!

I’m apparently a thinker. Do they mean as opposed to being a doer?

At any rate my tree is the Rowan so perhaps I am safe from witches…..

My husband, who was a university professor, and my youngest daughter who is also a university professor are both Knowers.

That leaves me with an Observer and a Stabilizer among my children and two sons in law who are Rulers……..

I wonder sometimes whether there is not something in most people which might fit in with any of these categories….

OTH, I am both an Aquarius and a Wood Monkey in European and Chinese astrology and those are remarkably similar, and oddly similar to me……….Flighty some might say….

What do you think of all this? Fun? Nonsense? Dangerously occult?

Comment and let me know.

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What Do We Need?

“We”, of course, refers to  humans.

I saw this on Facebook today.

Art Garden and library quote from cicero

These are certainly things I need, or think I do, to be happy. Some of the comments amused or interested me….Someone said we also need someone to love. Someone else wanted a large number of classical CDs and the implied means to play them.

Some might say we need faith or God. Other people might think that without God none of the rest of this to say nothing of ourselves could exist.And, of course, having books and a garden imply having many other things – a world of stories and thoughts, all of which come from the minds and hearts of others. A garden implies land available and seeds and a world which is not destroyed.It implies, actually, to me, the entire natural world which is so interdependent.  And some one or ones to love are essential to my life.

And now my mind turns to music. I think we need music. We need creativity in our world. And that library, it implies an education and teachers and so much. It is hard to isolate a few things that one needs. But I do like this wise quote from Cicero. And I wonder what you need, what “everything” you need.

Here are a few favorite photos of libraries and gardens………Just for happiness.

Libraries after air raid london 1940

in a library in London after a bombing raid

Library Szabo Ervin budapest

in the Szabo Ervin library in Budapest

Library Carl Spitzweg bookworm 1850

Carl Spitzweg’s 1850s painting The Bookworm.

Garden gate pale blue green

A very nostalgic and old-fashioned garden

Gardens Sissighurst good overview

Sissinghurst – a magnificent garden

Giverny in the spring

A tiny bit of Monet’s garden in Giverny in the spring of the year….

I could fill pages with photos of libraries and gardens, but obviously, one needs to have ones own garden and ones own library to fulfill Cicero’s ideas. One of the commenters said they had a potted plant. Perhaps they also had a book or two. It is enough.






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Busy Days….

Yesterday afternoon I had one of my favorite Artist’s Way classes where we make a vision board collage from images we’ve been collecting for a while. Next week most people will have finished theirs and share what they have done.

And, of course, it was Valentine’s Day! I was enjoying the puns on old-fashioned cards.

Valentines day another wool pun

valentine carrot pun

This one is not so old. I love Mary Englebreit’s art……

On Friday night Alice, Emily, Clara Sofia and I went to a Valentine’s Day party at Stewart’s Caring Place. I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be great and the little girls had a wonderful time. They had lovely refreshments of cold chicken, all sorts of cut up vegetables, a huge bowl of mixed fruit and little cupcakes frosted in white with pink and red sprinkles. (Sofia began and ended her meal with a cupcake!) There were two sorts of crafts to do and a photo set up with lots of silly props where we could get our pictures taken. Another room had a hot chocolate bar.  I had my first taste of peppermint flavored whipped cream. Not bad.  And my daughters were given a great tour of the entire facility which is larger than it looks from the outside. At the beginning of the evening one of the therapy dogs, little Lucy the Sheltie, was there to my granddaughters’ delight.

Nathan and Stephen didn’t come to that party because they had been sick all week. But they were getting better and their Dad, Mike, had a special S’Mores party for them beside the fireplace.

Nathan Feb 2016 Mike surprises the boys with inside smores party after a week of being sick

And on Saturday, Andy invited all of us to go see Kung Fu Panda 3. All the kids really enjoyed it, and so did I, even if I thought the first two movies in the trilogy were more interesting. We had an busy weekend, having fun.

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February Local News

Interspersed with gray and chilly days we have wonderful gifts of sunny days and warmer temperatures such as today, which is rather making my heart sing….

Alice has been adding extra cheer with beautiful flowers.

Alice Jan 2016 flowers and table cloth gift

Alice and Stephen had a lovely visit with Alice and Barney who are, as always, amazing hosts! Nothing is too much for them to do to delight a small child.

Stephen Feb 2016 being spoiled by Barney bacsi

Do you think these are enough desserts for one small boy?

Stephen feb 2016 with Alice neni

Some fun with Alice neni….

Stephen feb 2016 in the leaves at Alice nenis

A time playing outside is always satisfying!

Stephen feb 2016 at Alice nenis having lunch

Stevie’s opinion of the whole day……

Alice Jan 2016 Muggy with Alice and with Stephen

And finally – Alice shared two photos that touched my heart. One is of her, nearly forty years ago with her beloved toy “Muggy” and another of Stephen, enjoying the very same monkey!

Need I say that life is good?

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