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I wish you all a blessed and joyful Easter! Ours certainly was.

Some years it snows mightily for Easter Sunday, but today was incredibly perfect! And it was an early Easter. Yet we had weather in the low 70s with blue skies and only a few sweet puffy clouds and wildflowers and spring garden flowers all about. Even the magnolia trees are beginning to bloom!

Tomorrow it will become cooler and rainier, but today is so lovely!

Emily and Ingmar had invited us for an Easter Brunch at their house….Alice and her crew are in Hilton Head cavorting on the beach….Alice neni and Barney Bacsi were with us, and Alice had made beautiful origami treasures and brought retes (Hungarian strudel) in every flavor….

Emily march 2016 brunch table easter

Emily march 2016 Easter bunny left some stuff

Yes, the Easter bunny was there, too, leaving treasures hidden all through their front garden.

Sofia March 2016 owl from Alice for Easter

Sofia received a wonderful owl from Alice before they left for the Atlantic shores.

Nathan march 2016 with stevie near Hilton Head

Nathan and Stevie on the beach near Hilton Head this morning…..(The Easter bunny found Alice’s note about where they would be and was able to bring them Easter eggs!)

Nathan March 2016 crawfish at Darpals

And earlier last week, Nathan and his family were at a Louisiana crayfish (crawfish) boil at  the home of some very good friends.

Nathan march 2016 crawfish cooking

Life is busy. Life is good…….

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Well, perhaps not everybody, but Andy is getting more people to be part of his Live Steam fun……..



Alice is helping insulate the boiler. She and Andy are my most hands-on engineer offspring.



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Past the Ides of March

Past the madness of Super Tuesday and the horror of American politics……..

is a world of Spring returning, flowers blooming and busy children and grandchildren.

Sofia march 2016 visiting cousins quilt

Emily, Sofia, and Clara drove to Ray, Michigan to celebrate my nephew Laci’s birthday and spend time with cousins Alena, Ariana, Luka and Mia.  Laci’s beautiful wife Amy is our super quilter.Their entire family is soccer mad, but to good purpose.

Sofia march 2016 detroit Ari and Clari

Ari and Clara……

Sofia march 2016 detroit slide pic 2

Sofia at the playground.

Stephen march 2016 at preschool

And back in Ohio, Stephen continued to enjoy pre-school….And his new jacket, apparently!

Nathan is busy with boy scouts nowadays. As a cubscout he only had a meeting once a month, but now he goes every week. They are working hard on their orienteering badge, and his team came in second  of about fifty teams in a competition about what they had learned at an all day workshop. Today is another orienteering activity.

I have enjoyed hearing the tree frogs every evening. And every evening Andy and his friend Istvan are hard at work with the boiler and various steam engines producing electricity. It’s  fairly complicated  and obviously an satisfying hobby for engineers. The long term goal is a steam launch.


Here is a short video of Istvan working on the Toledo engine…..It’s a noisy hobby! Boys, and their toys.

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