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Desultory October Wrap Up

I am not quite sure why I felt unable to do a new blogĀ  post before today, but so it was. A lot of good things have been happening in my world and I’ll try to do a bit of catch up.

Perhaps one of the most exciting was Andy’s trip to Hungary and Germany for two weeks. He stayed with his Aunt Isa who turned 90 this summer. All my children wished her a happy birthday in person. She lived in the States from 1971 until 2001 and worked hard at having personal relationships with her nieces and nephews! Andy also visited many other places in Hungary. Our friends the Ercsenyi family helped him locate some of the places in theĀ  photographs of his great grandfather’s steam boat, the Nyitra. Some were remarkably similar to the earlier photos taken between 1896 and 1914. (The building in one of them was put up in 1896 and the steamboat was requisitioned in 1914, during WWI.)



He also enjoyed visiting a train museum, the one my nephew Christof and his family saw when Alice and her family were in Hungary in August, and lots of other places that had a personal meaning to him.

Then Andy had some time with relatives in Ravensburg, Germany, a place we’ve visited many times.

I was happy that he had such a great journey, but especially happy when he returned home! He got a very good price for the round trip by driving to Chicago and leaving his car with his friend Kevin P and his family, and then flying to Munich via Istanbul. However, on the way back poor weather kept the flight from leaving Istanbul. Turkish Airways put everyone up overnight but there was not really time for much sightseeing there, alas.

My grandchildren have been busy, too. Stephen and his Mom visited my inlaws Alice and Barney who are like third grandparents and spoil him immensely whenever he is at their home.


They are vegetarians, but have special chicken nuggets for Stephen because they know he loves them, as well as special desserts….Oh, and Stephen turned six on October 6th. We had a wonderful birthday celebration for him. He’s getting to be such a big boy and loves kindergarten!

Nathan is involved in Science Olympiad and Boy Scouts. They had a wilderness camping a few weeks ago and he loved it. His troop had to make their own shelters and cook their own food.

My son in law Mike, father of Stevie and Nathan, went to North Carolina for two weeks as a Red Cross Volunteer , working at a shelter for people who had been devastated by the flooding there. The day he returned, last Friday, Alice had tickets to watch the World Series Game on the JumboTron at Progressive Field. Yes, Cleveland is in the World Series and doing very well, indeed…I remember 1948! I was only three years old, but I remember how excited the grown ups were because we won the World Series!


My sweet Clara and Sofia come for dinner every Friday and we often play card games, but they also do an amazing amount of art work. They write original books that are many pages long! They make zillions of pictures for me. Clara often does lovely women in amazing costumes and Sofia’s pictures are usually of animals, or at least, have animals in them. Last Sunday was the German School Fall Festival and they were both in a production of The Pied Piper of Hamlin…….




They also both went to a fall pumpkin festival at Luther Farm in our area.


I think this is enough catching up for today! I hope it won’t be nearly a month before I post something again!

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