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Almost Christmas




Sunday night was the last Sunday of Advent but because of the program at the German School my granddaughters attend, we celebrated last night. There were ten of us, but the children were sometimes what my son Andy calls, “hangry”, meaning hungry and therefore cranky (angry). Lasagna helped the problem for three of them, but one was too “hangry” to eat! Still, peace was restored for the singing, and we all enjoyed it. We each had a chance to chose a song, so we sang ten carols in all and decided we might not survive another round! But it was good. Anytime a family gathers together is good, I think.

Yesterday was the first day at the new job for my sil Mike. He liked it, but first days are not usually that typical. I think, however, that it will be a good fit for him. And certainly, the commute, a half hour through the National Park and then a few minutes on another road, is wonderful compared to the highway driving he used to have to do.

I am enjoying the preparations and mostly succeeding in not becoming overwrought. I do have help. I have only a few more cards to send out and all the presents are wrapped. (Hmmmmmm…..That is not true, and not what I meant to type! I meant to say all the presents are bought. A sort of Freudian slip? Lots to do yet, but Alice is going to help me Thursday morning.) Decorating is still going on, but is very low key compared to the past.The Christmas CDs are doing their magic, and I find time, here and there, to just sit and think and count my blessings…..Tomorrow is the Solstice! And then, the long slog to the equinox, but the days will all be getting longer, day by day…

Part of me is already longing for Spring! But I can slow down and  find the beauty in every day. And that is what I wish for you all along with a very merry Christmas!


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Some of you may know one of my sons in law lost his job last March when his employer began downsizing and eliminated, I think, 26 managers and most of the division he was in.

I’ve never seen anyone work as assiduously at finding work as Mike did! Everyday he networked and attended meetings and learned about things that might help him find a new good job. And now he has one! December 19th he will begin as Manufacturing Engineering Manager for a large plant a bit north of us. And everyone is happy and we had to celebrate. So Emily and Ingmar had a celebration dinner last Sunday evening. It was another raclette event, much enjoyed by everyone!


We had delicious bread and rolls baked by Ingmar – the equal of anything I’ve ever eaten in Europe, but so impossible to find here. And several kinds of meat – bacon, prosciutto, chicken, shrimp were on the table, and tiny potatoes and onions, asparagus tips, sprouts, zucchini, real Raclette cheese, and mushrooms…And best of all, wonderful company in the happiest of spirits.


We did not grill the sprouts, of course!

School holidays do not begin until the 21st, but everyone is feeling the excitement in the air! Decorations begin going up……(The blue plaque is a Hungarian house blessing which is always up at Alice’s.)


Stephen has been entertaining himself in unusual ways…….


(You can see some Christmas decorations in the next picture.)


When the tower is complete he shoots out one of the lowest cups and watches it all fall down….And then begins again!

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