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At first my dd Em planned to drive to the March in Washington, D.C. but the friend she was going to travel with backed out. So she marched with another friend in Cleveland. I just talked with her. She’s nearly home again. She thought there were about 5,000 women/people there. (Update – Cleveland police estimate there were 15,000.)¬† There were lots of police who were calm and friendly as were the marchers. Sofia drew a picture for the march. This is what Emily wrote:

“Marching in the CLE!
For my fabulous daughters with big dreams.
For my smart and creative mom, sister, aunts and cousins.
For my amazing husband who lives the fact that men can contribute so much more than money to a family.
For my father who was born a refugee and believed in helping people.
For my diverse students who have so much to contribute to our country.
For my peace loving Muslim, Christian, Jewish and friends of other faiths, or no faith.
Because food is not the only great thing from Mexico.
Because all people have value. Because I am not afraid if you live your life differently than I do.”


To see Sofia’s poster for Martin Luther King day last year – look here:


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Dear Friends…….

Christmas was so beautiful, both Christmas Eve with my daughter Alice and her family at our house, and Christmas Day with my daughter Emily and her family and their amazing tree, as tall as last year’s, about 12feet, I think, and then the delicious dinner together. Then came wonderful New Year’s Eve and both a cheese fondue and then a chocolate fondue dessert at Alice and Mike’s home……..We celebrated together, all my family. But somehow, the impulse to post anything about these joys passed me by. I do apologize! I did not realize ahead of time that I was heading into this sort of hiatus. And I am not sure it is quite over….

We are now in the joys of the slowly lightening days moving toward Spring! But first, loving the pleasures of winter, of snow. All my children enjoy skiing and have already been doing it, though the winter vacation days did not have much in the way of snow. I was worried about them last Saturday when ski club began and it was 3.7degreesF  (I think this is about -15.7 Celsius)  when I woke up. But all my offspring proclaimed it glorious because it was sunny and there was no wind.

We all love snow, at least in January when it is new and white! And we all value kindness which, apparently, shares some qualities with new snow.


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