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I’m not there. Andy was not able to go, though he was there last weekend helping put in the dock….Emily and her family were here and there was a market at Howe Meadow where Ingmar sold his wonderful baked goods…

But Alice and her family were at our favorite lake, at our own Fern Lodge. I think they are coming home tomorrow because of the  poor weather reports, but today seemed to be perfect from what she told me and the photos she shared.

Alice calls the Point Chautauqua “my happy place”. Well, she is not the only one who feels that way.  It is a magical part of our lives.

Alice May 2017 memorial day weekend at the Point

Here are two brothers and a little white dog on their way to do some fishing….

All of us owe the joys of this place to my late husband who had the vision to believe it could happen, and put in the years of very hard labor restoring this 1879 cottage, (with wonderful help from family members, especially some super nephews). And his extra consulting work paid for the materials. Plus, our timing was good. We bought this cottage before the next upsurge in popularity of the Chautauqua Institute across the lake brought the prices up again. It was and is an amazing blessing since we were able to live here three months a year. Paul used to say, “Make no small plans”.

Paul loved to kayak and this has been passed on in the family. Alice is delighted that Stephen especially loves this water sport.

Stephen may 2017 kayaking near the dock

Stephen may 2017 kayaking a bit more out

And they managed to have a meal at one of their favorite Bemus Point restaurants, The Casino – where there is no gambling, but it is possible to dock at the restaurant and eat outside. This is a great photo of Nathan and Mike. I can feel the happiness.

Nathan may 2017 Bemus Point Italian Fisherman I think

It is hard to believe summer is here already. Of course, officially it isn’t, but Memorial Day Weekend feels like the beginning to me. Now is we could just have a bit warmer weather, without plunging into too hot right away.

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I seem to have lost some of my enthusiasm for blogging as the blogging world changes. And I know I am not the only one…..

But I am hoping that it will return in a bit.

I’ve been a little saddened by the several people whose blogs or newsletters I read who have died, had a loved one die, had a sad anniversary of this or had terrible life changing accidents befall them.

Probably related to my age! And one person who left this earth and whom I had thought much younger, a writer of an excellent diabetes newsletter, turned out to be 81 years old, and died from an obscure disease not at all related to diabetes. But still, very sad.

However, life goes on and while it’s going on I want to be part of it.

So – what has been happening around here…Monday my dd Alice and her husband Mike celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary.  She was married in the last century. Her younger sister wed in this one.

Alice may 2017 happy anniversary the 18th

They had a wonderful date together exploring Cleveland, for the most part. Alice had especially wanted to visit Lakeview Cemetery where many famous people are buried. She wanted to see the stained glass in the Wade Chapel, too, which her stained glass instructor recommended. It’s a Tiffany window, famous, and visited by people all over the world.

Alice May 2017 Stained glass wade chapel lakeview cemetery

You can read more about this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_View_Cemetery

And the next day she was being the fireman on Andy’s steam launch at Chippewa Lake.

Alice may 2017 fireman on Andy's steamship

Nathan went on another Boy Scout camp and was the cook for their Saturday morning breakfast. He was very proud that several fellow scouts told him his bacon was the best thing they ate all weekend.

Nathan may 2017 cooking for his patrol at boy scout camp Alice chaperoned

His new haircut makes him look lots older and feel lots cooler. (I meant physically cooler, but I guess he also felt more in style!) He’d been resisting but gave it to his mother for a Mother’s Day gift!

Clara continues with her drawing and designing and plans for the future.

Pretty good for an artist who is just finishing second grade!

(She has moved on from her old desire to be a Princess when she grew up.)

Clara may 2017 many meetings

Life does move on and it is full of goodness and happy moments. It’s spring, a rather cool one, but the peonies and Iris and roses are blooming and I am counting my blessings.

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