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Another Week of Summer

While so many friends are complaining of dire weather, some with wildfires added to extreme heat, I certainly cannot complain here in northeast Ohio. June was hotter than I thought it should be, but July was cooler and so is August proving to be, thus far. If they would refrain from beginning school until after Labor Day they would not even need air conditioning, I think. It never began in August in my childhood (shortly after the earth cooled as my friend Michele would say).

Last Monday I had my first lovely evening ride on Andy’s steamboat, the Nyitra. Steamboats are quieter and slower than the motor boats I know, and therefore I really enjoyed the journey around Point Chautauqua to Tinkertown Bay. Andy flew his drone, the Rabca and took some photos, but I don’t know how to get them onto my computer….

I just realized that I can give you the link to his youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixT_MLHKWEY

Tuesday Andy and I returned to Ohio. He had an appointment to see about volunteering at a nearby hospital. But immediately after he returned to the Lake and his lovely Nyitra and Rabca. He’ll be back tomorrow.

A friend from the lake posted this very nice aerial photo which gives you a sense of the upper half of Lake Chautauqua.

Chautauqua july 2017 sue olar air photo

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August Already

Last Friday my dear granddaughters, Sofia and Clara, finished two weeks of a theater camp for kids at our wonderful local Weathervane Playhouse and on Saturday they were part of a performance of Peter Pan. They had a lot of fun in those two weeks, and especially on stage! Sofia, who dearly loves animals, wanted to have the part of Nana, and Clara wanted to be one of the Indians. They both got what they wanted.

Sofia july 2017 28th Peter Pan cast

Sofia july 2017 peter pan with Clara

Sofia July 28 2017 Peter Pan

Andy is back in Ohio again and we are both going back to the lake on Friday. While there he spent some extraordinarily sooty time cleaning out the tubes in the boiler.

Andy july 2017 cleaning the tubes in the boiler

That’s our wonderful neighbor Dan Hicks beside him. He just became a grandfather and while Alice and her family were up last week they met his darling new granddaughter Charleigh. It seems to me that Charleigh’s mother was just this newborn stage only a few weeks ago.

Alice july 2017 with family at Merediths

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