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September Already?

I’ve begun trying to put up a blog post twice and twice WordPress has put some add about some sort of special buttons into the beginning. I could not delete it, nor write around it, but this time, perhaps it will not appear. Let us pray!

Chaut aug 2017 em charleigh me clara

This has been a summer of many short trips to Chautauqua with only a few days in between….There was a wonderful Labor Day weekend with all my children and grandchildren and grand-dog Pepper together under one roof. This doesn’t happen that often, so I cherish it when it does.  We also got to meet the neighbor’s daughter Meredith’s new daughter Charleigh! She is a lovely peaceful alert little baby. Her family lives in Buffalo, but visits Joan and Danny often.

Chaut aug 2017 Fia and Charleigh

Sunday it rained all day and we stayed inside and played board games a lot! Ticket to Ride was one I enjoyed. Emily won with the longest route. I think I may have come in last, but have new ideas about strategy. Others spent hours with Settlers of Catan and we had also an interesting card game Emily was given by a Dutch colleague. It reminded me of the game SETT….It’s called Ghost Blitz or Geistes Blitz.  (See Meike’s comments! I think the designers didn’t understand. OTH, a ghost is one of the wooden figures used in the game…)

Ghost Blitz

We also read and late at night watched Despicable Me 2. This was rather special because Emily’s girls are not allowed to watch anything at the cottage. We never had any TV (still don’t) or DVD available during our summers at Chautauqua. In fact, it was really funny, years ago, when the young Amish boy who was painting our roof asked if he could take a break and watch some TV and we had to explain that we didn’t have any TV. His face had such an expression of dismay and incredulity.

Monday was absolutely beautiful and most people were out on a boat. Andy and I left about 1:30 or 2:00pm and had a great drive home with little traffic and no police presence. Not what I expected for Labor Day. He stayed home Monday evening and most of Tuesday until finishing his stint volunteering at Akron General Medical Center. Andy left for Chautauqua right after that to work on the Nyitra some more. Tomorrow will be a birthday party for my granddaughter Sofia who is becoming two digits. Yes, Sofia will be 10 years old. I am really looking forward to another family party! I hope it will be warm and we can be outside looking at their beautiful pond!

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