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We had a surprising visitor this afternoon. We’ve had deer in the yard for six or seven years, but I’ve only seen does and fawns. This afternoon we had this eight or more point buck show up…He is rather impressive…But slightly intimidating.

I think Thursday was our last warm day for the year…It’s quite chilly today, even though we have not had any hard frosts as yet.

The schools have had their Halloween parades already! Stephen was an astronaut again. This is the third year he has worn this costume! My granddaughters were here for dinner last night and no one told me what costume she had worn. We forgot to talk about it.

Nathan in middle school had “dapper day”!  And he looked very cool, but I am not allowed to post his photograph. He seems to be entering an age of being more easily embarrassed, alas. But I am sure it will not last forever. He wore an Austrian hat which Paul bought when we lived in Budapest. Paul never wore it much, but Andy and Nathan have enjoyed it from time to time.




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Andy has had a wonderful summer with the Nyitra, the steam launch he built himself.

It had a few outings on other small lakes near home, but has spent most of the last many weeks at Point Chautauqua. Usually he has others on board to help, but sometimes he is doing it all himself – steering, checking the boiler and engine, adding fuel, and looking over his shoulder because he’s also operating his Mavic Pro drone,  Rabca III.

Some of my favorite videos are these:

If you watch this on YouTube, please comment on the video. I know Andy would really appreciate it.

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