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Alice dec 2017 kitchen tree with heathers ornaments and other antique christmas things from my family

Advent moves on. Alice has a small tree in her kitchen pictured above. (The main tree, under which Baby Jesus brings gifts is in the living room…) There are some old German family ornaments on the tree which we received as a gift this year from my cousin Heather as well as the wonderful nativity music box Alice inherited from my mother and the Santa and sleigh from my grandmother. My mother always told me that Papa, my grandfather, made the sleigh…These are dear childhood Christmas memories to me. The sleigh was always in the Christmas village around the base of my grandparents tree….The Erzgebirge music box in our family room…Very sweet memories.

Alice and Emily are back from their lovely journey to my sister in law, Maria, in San Francisco. I think it was a great trip for them. Alice had not been in that city since she was three years old. Emily had been much more recently. Alice had fun on the cable car and Maria remembered that last time she was on one Alice had insisted on hugging the conductor! She tried to persuade her to repeat this performance, to no avail.

Alice dec 2017 sunday maria with em

Maria and Em….

Alice and Em dec 2017 SFO while visiting Maria

Em and Alice.

They enjoyed a lot of good meals. San Francisco has such variety to offer.  They had Indian, Vietnamese and Dim Sum delicacies.

Alice dec 2017 vietnamese lunch with maria and em

In a few minutes I will be leaving for the birthday party of my oldest grandchild, Nathan. He is turning thirteen! I love this older Nathan, but I also miss the little boy. It seems as though it takes them years and years to reach kindergarten and then time begins to accelerate!

Blessings to all of you for happy holidays if I do not post again before Christmas and New Year. I hope I will, but things become very busy, in a good way.

Alice dec 2017 sunday in chinatown with maria

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A Very Desultory Post

It’s early December, a best of times/worst of times part of the year. We try not to stress too much over Christmas buying, but enjoy some decorating. I’m putting out my mother’s Christmas plates on the hutch cupboard today, and every day a few small decorations appear. But not too much, nothing like what I did in the past when there were small children living here, or even teen age ones.

My oldest grandson becomes a teenager on the 18th of this month and it is difficult to take in this fact. I remember him as the only grandchild, riding along on his bouncy horse and fascinated with knights and castles. I am trying to enjoy the blessings of this time of year and not be pulled into the stress of it!

OTH, the stress of my less than a year old non-functional dishwasher is discouraging. But this is a small problem. The repairman is coming on Friday. But this is a minor annoyance.

Sadder is the death of one of my brothers-in-law, Maria’s husband. They lived in San Francisco and she really has no family nearby. My daughters are flying out to be with her for a long weekend and I hope she comes to Ohio in the new year. This is a difficult time in ones life to be without family.

My son Andy has been haunting the mail lately because he had hopes of an article about his steamboat appearing in The Funnel, the magazine of the British Steam Boat Association of which he is a member. It arrived today and he has a page about the Nyitra in it.

(There was a photo of the front cover of The Funnel, but Andy made me delete it because of copyright issues.)



Alice my oldest daughter just got her substitute teachers license and will be subbing for 1st to 5th grades in our Revere district. I’ll see how she likes that. She already does a lot of volunteering in schools.

One of the things Alice has been doing in Stephen’s school is to help with the maker space program. With her engineering degree this is right up her alley. This week they had to design a bed to hold Goldilocks. The teacher gave all the parameters. I think they accomplished about 20 times the requirements! (Goldilocks bed was supposed to hold two of those metal disks, and their “bed” held 22. Or more?)

Stephen maker space 1

Stephen maker space 2


My Advent wreath is up, the Advent calendars are in play. Life is busy. If only, I think, the days were a bit longer. (I mean, of course, the hours of daylight.) But that will happen “in the fullness of time”.

Advent wreath 2017

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