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After the 2016 gathering at Fern Lodge, I was amazed to receive a wonderful handmade needlework cushion from Perry, with contributions from all who were there. In it she invented a new word which you can see in the upper left part of the pillow – porchsit. This is something we do a lot of at the Chautauqua cottage.


We porchsit interspersed with visits to quilt shops and the elusive (because we didn’t understand their hours) East Branch Bookstore (tried and failed to visit this great bookshop in Sherman for the first two years, but this year was the charm!)  and the cheese shop in Dewittville, owned and operated by Susan’s generous cousin Jane Currie. Then we porchsit while munching on all manner of cheese and crackers, Wensleydale with cranberries, double Gloucester with chives and onions, Stilton with mango and ginger, fabulous Swiss, and the so satisfying horseradish spread among others.

Chaut june 2018 porch all.JPG

Yes, we sit, we eat, we chat…Some of us actually did some swimming. The evening of the day we had lunch at The Fish in Bemus Point Alice made fish tacos for dinner. Wednesday we had “tea” with lots of special tea sandwiches as well as English “biscuits” people brought with them. Alice and my grandsons had to leave on Wednesday because Nathan had some  Boy Scout activities for his Special Investigator badge that evening, and they missed the lobster bisque we actually had Thursday evening. Still, I managed to freeze some for them to enjoy the 4th of July holiday when I hope we will all be back at the Point.

chaut june 2018 daly writing to io group re musgraves

We also found time to post something to the group discussion of The Musgraves which was ongoing at our D.E. Stevenson online group. But most of the time, I must admit, we were porchsitting and munching and talking about everything under the sun. Pepper fit right in with this relaxed lifestyle!

chaut june 2018 daly pepper

A few years ago I had given Susan a lot of small print reproduction fabrics for the dear Jane quilt she’s been working on. And this year she quite surprised me with a beautiful tote bag she made with those same fabrics, which are some of my favorites. Isn’t it great!

chaut june 2018 susans bag 2

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How Sweet It Was!

I was lucky enough to arrange another gathering of my D.E. Stevenson friends at our cottage at Chautauqua this June! The first time this happened was in 2014 when we were having a much larger gathering in Toronto and a few members who were coming from far away asked if they could stay overnight at the cottage on their way. Of course I said, “Yes!”. It’s always fun when “Dessies” get together. This group began in 1997 and is still going strong. People who enjoy Stevenson’s work always seem to feel like kindred spirits.

chaut june 2018 daly all of us minus husbands on the side porch

And we were able to meet again in 2016, but it didn’t work out in 2017. However, 2018 was a fortunate year! Seven of us met, along with two husbands and three dogs and my dear daughter Alice who did so much of the work and my two grandsons. Two couples drove up with their campers and were at the KOA campground in Dewittville, joining us for our daytime fun.

The time together began with an amazing feast! Perry, who lives in Maine, bought lobsters (Lobstah!) for all of us and drove them in her truck to the cottage in upstate New York. She told us to have the water boiling and so we did. Newspapers were spread on the table and Perry gave us a tutorial in How to Eat a Lobster.  Everyone loved it, except for Stephen who ran from the room screaming his intention to be a vegetarian when he grew up.

chaut june 2018 perry tutorial.JPG

I have been having problems getting these photos uploaded and now they seem to be too large! Sorry. After this deliciousness, we saved all the shells and one entire lobster which was not eaten and next day Perry made us lobster bisque for supper.

chaut june 2018 daly lobstah sideporch

One day, Sulie invited all of us to a new restaurant in Bemus Point, The Fish, and we found everything delicious! Some of us had a version of fish and chips which reminded me of family dinners years ago at Davy’s Famous Fish, now alas no longer in business.

The Fish is painted a brilliant blue when seen from the land side but when arriving by boat as most of us did, it’s bright orange.

chaut june 2018 daly the fish by boat 1

chaut june 2018 daly by boat alice

There is more, but with these large photos I think I will stop here and make a second post about our time together which was so pleasant and too short!



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