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The Olympic Birthday!

Quite a lot has been happening in our family, but I have been slow to blog about it. I’m not sure why. The weather has improved a lot, so that’s certainly no excuse…But it’s nearly two weeks since Clara’s birthday was celebrated with Olympic games and flags of all nations and gold, silver and bronze metals. Later it was celebrated with many cakes from her very talented baker father and more swimming. And still later, there was a supper of pulled pork and several salads, German potato salad, Quinoa salad, pasta salad, and one more which I cannot recall at this moment.

They had an archery competition, relays, swimming and a race around the pond. There were a lot of kids with enormous energy! They were divided into teams so that each team had a variety of age groups and no one had an unfair advantage.  It was glorious fun.

Here are a few photos from the happy day.

Alice july 2017 bday 1

alice july 2018 bday 7

Alice july 2018 bday replacement.JPG



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I wasn’t at Point Chautauqua for the 4th of July…The timing just didn’t work out that well, and I wasn’t feeling that well. But I did keep up a bit on what my offspring and their families were doing, to some extent. I hope next year will be better. And I hope it will be cooler!

Alice 4july 2018 stephen and clara and pepper go fishing

Soon after arrival, Stephen, Clara and Pepper headed down to the docks for a bit of fishing.

And the morning of the 4th, most who were there drove over to Mayville for the parade.

Alice sent me a few photos:

alice 4july 2018 parade 2

Blue and this day glo green seem to be Stevie’s favorite colors these days…

alice 4july 2018 parade 4

alice 4july 2018 parade 1

I’ve never seen a helicopter in the parade before!

And in her spare time, Alice reupholstered the glider on the porch with some very inexpensive but sun-proof tableclothes she found at Marc’s, an Ohio discount store. The fabric we bought and used last year really didn’t hold up and we hope for better with this.

Alice 4th july glider upholstery

I’m always amazed at how much Alice accomplishes when she is there. No one has stayed all summer at Chautauqua since 2005 and it is difficult to keep it all up and make so many improvements. If you look at the “porchsitting” post you can see what the glider looked like only a few weeks ago.




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America a flag july 2018.gif

May all have a joyful and safe 4th of July…..

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The bad news is that another tree is down, victim of the wet weather and supersaturated soil. It is the little apple tree which I’ve known since we moved here in 1980. It stood just off the deck behind St. Francis, but its growth was much affected by the huge Norway Spruce which fell last November.


It’s difficult to actually see in this photo, but it is down and Alice, Nathan, and Stephen have cut most of it down now.

Alice june 2018 apple tree down 1.JPG

But while working on this, they discovered more black raspberries and picked them for a clafouti later on.

alice june 2018 black raspberries.JPG

More happy news is that Alice and her dh Mike were at the rally yesterday, in the public square in Cleveland. It was for families to remain together and our immigration policies to become a little more human. They said some of the speakers were really excellent.

alice june 2018 protest 4

Alice june 2018 protest 1

alice june 2018 protest 5

I hope so much that things will improve. I know they will change. That’s the constant. But I am proud of Alice and Mike for being part of this rally.

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