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Desultory Post Again

Years ago, no idea how many, I used to think November 3rd was the day around which fall ended and the cold weather began. But that has not been the case for a while and it certainly isn’t now. It’s been quite cold for a while and no real Indian Summer, so no real great fall color. We’ve got a bit here and there but nothing as it should be and I would be surprised if it happens at all, now.

I’m entering another time of doctor’s appointments and blood work to be done. Also a lot of lawyer’s appointments which I rather enjoy because they come with spending time with my children. One day last week it was combined with grocery shopping with Alice and Andy at Trader Joe’s which is rather distant from where we live (about 30 minutes drive) and a lovely lunch at the Paladar Latin Kitchen in Woodmere. I had my first apartment there about 50 years ago and Alice and Andy wondered why I chose to live there. It was miles away from family and friends and miles away from my job! I didn’t have a car in those days. I tried to explain that a friend of my employer at the time had talked me into renting that place. I only lived there for six months (thank heaven) but it was a great living experience. I had about twenty five cents left over after the most basic budget and really could not afford to live there. In every way it was a terrible choice but I did learn a lot about making choices! My next job paid quite a bit more. My next apartment was a third less expensive. I bought a car. I was near job, family and friends. I was only twenty one years old when I left. Yay!

Every Friday Emily and my granddaughters come for dinner. Recently, they came early so we could go together to The Magical Theater Company in Barberton to see Flora and Ulysses, based on Kate DiCamillo’s book of that title. I had been a bit worried because last time I was at that children’s theater, when Emily who is now 41 years old was eleven, the seats had been terrible. But recently they had a huge renovation and the theater is really wonderful inside. Yes, a lot can change in thirty years!

I have a lovely photo from their website of the new seats with their pale blue plush upholstery, but I cannot seem to make it upload….

Emily magical theater coEm flora and u it all began with

The theater is wonderful inside now, and so was the play. I don’t quite know what to call it. Magic Realism for kids? I had looked up the book on amazon.com so I had a slight idea of the story, but don’t really know how to describe a play based on a squirrel who is sucked into a Ulysses vacuum cleaner and emerges with magic powers which include the ability to write poetry, type, and fly. There are two human children who have traumatic problems with their families. They are a little girl, Flora, whose parents are in the midst of a divorce and a little boy whose father has recently died. His remarried mother has sent him to live with an aunt for a time because he pushed his stepfather’s truck into a pond. He now believes himself blind, with traumatized eyes and always wears sunglasses…….. That said, there is quite a bit of humor and amazement in the production and perhaps the biggest part of my enjoyment came from watching the reactions of the audience, especially, of course, the laughter of Sofia and Clara.

Ulysses the Squirrel is a puppet and the puppeteer is wonderfully skillful manipulating Ulysses and also narrates a lot of the action. Both my daughters and their children attended last year’s performance of The BFG which featured life size “puppets” in the production. (Both my daughters call them puppets, though I’m not sure they were.) They loved that production and I’m sorry I missed it!

As a rather surprising fund raiser, one of the cast sold raffle tickets on stage before the performance. The winner could have his or her photo taken with the cast member of his or her choice. This was framed and given to the winner after the performance. Fia and Clara got my last two dollars for this, but no winners….Still, the cast comes out on stage and the audience gets to go up and talk to them afterwards.

The Magical Theater Company began the year I married, in 1972, and is still going strong. They also travel to schools in the area to perform. I loved all the theater available for kids during the times we lived in Budapest and am really happy that we have this theater so near us. It’s Magical!

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Busy Days…..

alice sept 30 2018 steven n steam 3

Steam in the valley is over now, but a few days ago Alice and Stephen accidentally came across old 765 around the Bath Road Crossing and followed it all the way to the Akron Station…Stephen was very excited about this!

Alice sept 20 2018 with Steve at steam

We celebrated Stephen’s Eighth Birthday last Saturday! (Fill in all the cliches about the rushing by of time!) There were fifty two guests with both families and lots of friends! Thank goodness the weather was good and we could spend some time outside! Stephen is very interested in rocks and minerals since Andy gave him a lot of cool specimens from his collection. Stephen was eager to do lots of odd jobs to earn money to spend at Mama’s Rocks in the valley. But sad to say, that little shop seems to have simply vanished. It’s gone, alas. We’ll see how this hobby can continue. But meantime, Stevie asked his Mom to make him a geode cake for his birthday celebration and she achieved something rather amazing.

Alice Stephen 8th birthday geode cake

I didn’t know one could buy rock candy and use it so creatively! But now I do.

I gave him a hogwarts express lego set which I think he has completely finished building already.

Alice Oct 2018 stephen working on HP express

Alice oct 2018 Stephen hogwarts express

Meanwhile, the weather has turned quite cold! I was briefly afraid that the furnace was not working correctly, but that turned out to be wrong. All is well. Life moves on toward those cold weather holidays and shorter hours of daylight. I’ve already bought three Christmas gifts which is quite unlike my procrastinating self.

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