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And it isn’t over yet………

I’m telling myself we were lucky (so far) but we might have been much luckier!

Somehow, the last year or more has been too wet. In the fall of 2017 we lost a huge Norway Spruce during a storm.  I wrote about it here: https://thickethouse.wordpress.com/2017/11/07/not-again/.

Then last July the little apple tree at the edge of our deck was lost. https://thickethouse.wordpress.com/2018/07/01/bad-news-and-good-news/

Later a huge branch from a mulberry tree fell and we have not been able to find anyone to cut it down and take it away…

Today two trees fell. It’s a day of crazy wind, with gusts up to 60mph. I don’t know whether this is related to the typhoon over the Pacific.

One tree, on the west side of the yard, I brought as a sapling from our old home in Brecksville, in 1980. It was now a huge Siberian Elm and fell partly on the small barn/garage of our neighbors. They had just had this roof redone last fall….The other large Scotch Pine was on the west side and just missed falling on our house. Enough already! The window you see upstairs in the west photo is my computer room and I was sitting on the other side of it when the tree crashed down with too much noise!

My daughter on the east side of our little township has no power, but we do. Our poor weather, moving to less predictability and more extremes.

blog feb 2019 tree east 1st

blog feb 2019 tree west 2nd

blog feb 2019 tree west 1st

A Happy Postscript:

Emily and her family, Ingmar, too, came for dinner because they had no power at their house. They brought all sorts of Chinese take-out and afterwards we watched Donald Duck cartoons. And Em called me after they were home again to say that their power was back on!

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Trying to Recover

I think I am almost over the second long lingering cold of 2019! Bah. And also Humbug! But actually, I am happy that I seem to be recovering….Meanwhile ds Andy was helping my sil Ingmar with some home renovations last week. They were both on ladders, holding different ends of a joist when Andy’s ladder fell over and he with it, landing on his wrist. For several days he was in a lot of pain, rejecting my suggestions of the ER. But Thursday he gave in, and an x-ray taken and he was diagnosed with a fracture of the distal radius. They fixed him up with a splint which looked almost like a cast to me, though without plaster. Some sort of fiberglass which hardens when water is applied was used on it. He is now waiting for an appointment with an orthopedic doctor next week.

For the long President’s Day weekend, my daughters and their families, except for Ingmar who had work here, went to Chautauqua and skiied at Holiday Valley. Alice had bought some base material outfits for Em and the girls which they modeled for her. Much fancier than anything we ever used! And more hilarious!

blog feb 2019 ski weekend base outfits

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The not so local news is that my sil Maria, (born in 1936) from San Francisco, has had her first knee replacement surgery. It was very successful! My dd Alice flew out to spend time with her Monday to Friday) and now Alice is back home and my nephew Bob from Alaska has flown down and is with her. I was very concerned about her recovery because they sent her home the day after her surgery, but it all worked out far better than I had feared. There is an interesting new way of managing pain afterwards. For the first several days there was an IV needle inserted in her thigh, blocking the nerve which would send pain messages. This was connected to a ball which slowly deflated after several days until Maria could remove the needle herself. She does take some pain medication, but it is already reduced by half, and a physical therapist comes every day. Her next surgery is tentatively scheduled for August.

Sunday before last dd Emily and her family hosted a raclette party for my birthday. That is always a lot of fun. I received a number of lovely gifts, but perhaps the most interesting was from my granddaughters, Sofia and Clara. I’ve given them several cookbooks and they enjoy using them. They gave me a binder with a letter and “choices” for a dinner and movie event that are going to host for me. I can pick the movie to watch. (I’m already getting several suggestions!) Here are some photos of the binder:

blog jan 2019 gift binder from clara and fia

blog jan 2019 gift letter 2blog jan 2019 gift entrees from clara and fia

There are more pages, but this gives you a good idea. I have already decided on Paprikash Chicken….But the movie? Pollyanna? Homeward Bound? Parent Trap? One of the Herbie movies? These are a few of their suggestions.

Alice made me a wonderful delicious low carb birthday cake. I was so impressed!

blog jan 2019 low carb birthday cake from Alice

Isn’t this beautiful! Yes! And here are some photos of the dinner:

blog jan 2019 more table

blog jan 2019 more family at tble

After that day we had the delightful Polar Vortex and yesterday was 60F! Cooling off a bit, but still well above freezing. All our snow is gone!


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Four Things About Me

I have a longer post planned, but don’t feel quite ready to to it! So here I am, copying something from someone else who copied it from someone else. I don’t know where they found it.
Four names I go by:


Kristi neni

Mrs. Jalics

Jalics Palne


Four Places I’ve lived:

Cleveland, Ohio

Stuttgart Germany

Budapest, Hungary

Bath, Ohio

Four Things I love to watch:

My Garden Grow

Bones (the T.V. show)

Jacques Pepin videos

My children and grandchildren

Four Places I have visited: 



Southern Germany

Hungary, Austria, Switzerland

San Francisco



Scotland, England



Four things I love to eat:

Roast Beef with baked potatoes with chives and sour cream

pickled ginger

Any sort of green salad with many ingredients (lettuce, scallions, tomatoes, thinly sliced radishes, carrots, celery, parsley, etc.)  and oil and vinegar dressing

Chicken Paprikas with spaetzle

Four favorite drinks:

Black Coffee

Jasmine Tea

La Croix Lime flavored unsweetened seltzer water


Four favorite smells:


Lily of the Valley

Sweet Violets

Sun warmed geranium (Pelargonium) leaves of many varieties



O.K., that is five fragrances, but I’ve really restrained myself. There are so many fragrances I love. I see I was carried away with listing places I’ve visited, too.


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