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I’ve been away too long! The first two weeks after my last post I had a bad cold, now fled away…I did begin a post on the 19th of May – “My new flip phone has died.  We have no idea why. It began vibrating without ceasing and saying that there was no sim card. I’ve had it for about six months but never found it at all user friendly and am not sorry that its demise has led me to decide to bite the bullet and enter the world of smart phones. My dd Alice has been doing research and found I can have a free iPhone Six as a new smart phone user. So this is what I will do, I think. When this is accomplished I’ll let you know how I’m managing with the new technology. Meanwhile, I have my I Pad and the headset Alice got for me some time ago. I can Skype with this when I need to, though it does cut down on my impulsive calling. I have this headset because after I finally cancelled my landline I wanted to be able to call my flip phone when I misplaced it.

My dd Emily is in San Francisco helping her Aunt Maria after her second knee replacement surgery. Em won’t be home until Monday evening. And Andy was off to Chautauqua helping put in the dock for the summer of 2019.”

Now it’s nearly a month later. My sil Isa, in Budapest, has just had very successful hip replacement surgery. She will be 93 in August. The doctors said she has the heart of a fifty year old. This may be because she has always walked, every day, until recently when pain made this impossible. Her mother lived to be nearly 102 years old.  (Woops, a typoo had me saying my mil lived to be 201 years. That would be a bit too exciting.)

We’ve had wonderful flowering – wild phlox, peonies of several shades. the bay magnolia tree, Harrison’s Yellow Rose of Texas and a beloved pink rambler which has clambered up into my crab apple tree. For years it has bloomed on the lower branches which I do love, but this year it reached up to an area about 35 feet above ground. I am impressed.

My Maigold Rose in the front yard is also blooming more than it ever has, though this is not too much.

The sad news is that the sodden earth (due to our never ending rain) caused a huge oak in my next door neighbor’s back yard to crash down on her house (a bit, I think) and driveway. Such a sorrow. Such a pain in the neck to deal with. I worry about my trees.

In good news, I am getting ready to leave on Tuesday for a small gathering of some of my favorite D. E Stevenson friends at our Chautauqua cottage. I fear the weather will be pretty cold and damp, but I have warned everyone. We are such kindred spirits that I am hoping it will not cause our conversations and pleasure at being together to diminish.

Summer vacation is here for my grandchildren! Clara had a week of Acting camp. Sofia had a week of Science camp. They both had a music recital when I was too sick to attend. Stephen adored his field day at the end of school…He has a real talent for running and jumping and is having great fun on his baseball team this summer.



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