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Andy aug 2019 ss 1

Last week at Point Chautauqua Andy and three friends participated in the second annual Sail vs. Steam challenge. There was some work still to be done on the Nyitra, but most of it was accomplished. The actual contest happened on Saturday, August 24th.

And……………Sail won. Istvan, (Hungarian version of Stephen) who was doing the sailing said he won by a technicality. Andy won’t call it that. What actually happened was that Andy and Nick were steaming along in the Nyitra when the stack blew off. They are not exactly sure why…This mishap changed the way the launch functioned. The steam pressure fell and so did the speed, alas. Andy says that now, Nyitra has joined the exclusive club of steamboats which left part of themselves at the bottom of the lake. The route was from our dock at Point Chautauqua, across the Lake to the bell tower of the Chautauqua institute and then to Mayville, to the boat ramp. The Nyitra ran short of fuel, perhaps because of the missing stack making it run less efficiently and needed to be towed at the end. Istvan’s girl friend Zsofi was running Alice and Mike’s motorboat and was able to tow the Nyitra to Mayville.

Lots of porchsitting and  meals out and trips to Boxcar Barney’s for ice cream took place over the weekend and Andy was home by Sunday around noon. The have a trophy for this which is being added onto even as I write.

andy aug 2019 ss 2


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Wednesday Evening

Lion King 1

I arranged this ages ago, January or February. We bought tickets for the seven who wanted or were able to attend – Alice, Mike, Stephen, Em, Fia, Clara and me. And then when the time came I was really worried about my “mobility issues” and had decided not to go. Luckily, Emily phoned Playhouse Square and found they could have a wheelchair for me. Even though our seats were on the ground level, I was afraid it would be too much walking for me. I’m so glad she talked me into going. It was a wonderful performance! And I noticed there were about six other people getting wheelchair assistance. They stopped at the front door and Mike went in to arrange things and the usher with the wheelchair came out to the car. There was also help at the intermission and the end. It was a sold out show with the Broadway touring company. Enthralling from beginning to end. The woman beside me had been to three other performances.

Lion King me at rows end aug 21 2019

Our group looking one way……..And then another.

LK our row

I remember going to movies in these theaters with my Nana when I was quite young. They are beautiful theaters which were almost allowed to fall apart. Fortunately in the ’80s a strong push began to raise money and restore them! You can read about their history here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playhouse_Square

And if you go to this website you can see the opening number. https://www.lionking.com/about

The costumes and whole production is astonishing.

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I haven’t gotten out to the garden with my camera/iPhone and so no pictures as yet. However, the golden heliopsis is blooming, and the purple phlox and white hydrangeas….I see tiger swallowtail butterflies and monarchs as well as the white ones my mother always called cabbage butterflies. On the deck my Abraham Darby English rose is blooming again! I tried to have this rose for years, many years. Every time I wanted to buy one they were sold out. This year I bought a potted rose which was quite sturdy with thick stems which made me very hopeful. I’ve bought bare root roses before. They never bloomed. They never lived through a winter. Sigh….But this one is making my heart sing. And I think it will live through winter, too. And on the deck also are lots of marigolds, many herbs and several colors of geraniums.

rose abraham darby

This is an Abraham Darby rose, though not mine but a photo from online. It’s very fragrant.

Yesterday two of my sisters-in-law and I met for lunch at a favorite restaurant in Rocky River, Joe’s Deli. We do this several times a year and always for one of our birthdays. Then the two who are not celebrating their own birthday, split the check for the birthday girl.   https://www.myjoesdeli.com/ They have delicious food and are always busy. A specialty I often have is beef and latkes. And one of us usually have their liver and onions which is not to be found just anywhere. In the winter we usually begin the meal with matzoh ball soup which is so delicious and warming on snowy days. It takes a good half an hour to drive up to this place, but it is in my “old stamping grounds”, halfway between my home and my Dad’s old dentist office. We talked about how we had all met when we were in our 20s and now we are all in our 70s. Life is indeed surprising, but we all feel blessed, even though many difficult things have happened and are still happening during these last 50 years.

Today is the birthday of my oldest sil, Isa. She was born in the same year as Queen Elizabeth II. Years ago when we were all younger and we spent all summer at Lake Chautauqua, we had triple birthday parties. My sil Aniko on the 14th, Isa on the 17th and my husband Paul on the 18th. So much fun and such great memories…..

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This Makes Me So Sad


It makes me sad because I think it is true. Why is this country unable to enact legislation to solve our problems. A very rhetorical question. Money is the reason. That is what I believe and it saddens me terribly. It always spoke too loudly, but never as much as now.



America Is A Gun

England is a cup of tea.
France, a wheel of ripened brie.
Greece, a short, squat olive tree.
America is a gun.

Brazil is football on the sand.
Argentina, Maradona’s hand.
Germany, an oompah band.
America is a gun.

Holland is a wooden shoe.
Hungary, a goulash stew.
Australia, a kangaroo.
America is a gun.

Japan is a thermal spring.
Scotland is a highland fling.
Oh, better to be anything
than America as a gun.

—Brian Bilston, @brian_bilston

Two mass shootings in two days. Children murdered by white supremacist gunmen…Very often the shooters seems to be too young themselves and unable to do any critical thinking. I blame our current culture more than I blame those who have always been lied to and inflamed. I am in tears.

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