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The good news is that it is the autumnal equinox and fall is beginning. But we are still having temps in the 80s though the nights are cool.

After being a little too proud that I never fall, I fell twice, Thursday night and then Saturday night. The same place doing the same thing and tripping over the ragged edges of my grandmother’s probably 65 year old dining room carpet as I rushed into my computer room. The first fall was terribly painful and I was hobbling about quite a bit for days after. The second was much less dire, but still, not a good thing. Andy nailed down a small rug over the dangerous interface.

When he brought up his box of nails, etc. to do the fix-up I recognized that he was using my grandfather’s box. In this family we do tend to save, use, and treasure this sort of hand-me-down.

I am not wearing my flip flops anymore as they do tend to catch on things. My hip joint is getting rather iffy nowadays. Bah!

And today is the twelfth anniversary of the death of my best friend and dear husband whom I think of several times a day. We had 35 years together, but so much has changed since he left us. Two of our four grandchildren he never met in this life, and he was in a coma when  Sofia was put in his arms all those years ago. She was two weeks old. But life goes on and it is still a wonderful blessing.


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The House Full of Books

I first read a book I had chosen myself, for my own pleasure, in second grade, in 1952. It was called Hello, David. I loved the story, even though I could sense that David’s parents were making a mistake. They sold their farm in the country and moved to a farm closer to the city. It was the opposite of what was happening in those days! But I loved the illustrations and the descriptions of his school in the country and his new school in the city. When I was younger, before I could read for myself, my mother read to me  all the time, usually from the Little Golden Books.

books hello david

When I was in fourth grade, actually in summer at my much loved Pokagon Girls Camp (http://www.pokagongirlscamp.com/)near Angola, Indiana, someone loaned me a copy of Anne of Green Gables, and I turned into a bibliophile forthwith. My Aunt Fran gave me a copy of Little Women for my birthday and my mother gave me some Nancy Drew books for Christmas. Any gifts or money I received went for books!

book Anne of Green Gables

How I loved all those Anne of Green Gables books and all the Thrushwood Books, as well!

books little women

And on and on it went, year after year, decade after decade! I have a number of favorite authors, such as D.E. Stevenson and Maud Hart Lovelace. I collected tons of mysteries, books on herbs and gardening and art and cookbooks and the history and art of Hungary as well….Oh, lots more sorts of books. Reading is pretty much my main “hobby” if that is what it is, especially as I am more arthritic! It’s been a lifelong joy.

This morning I had an email from my dd Alice which almost made me  burst into tears. It was  a photo of some school work from my youngest grandchild, Stephen, from this first week of second grade.

Stephen september 2019

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