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Quiet Days

October 6th my dd Alice had a family birthday party for my youngest grandson Stephen. He is 9 years old now. Very hard to believe. It was a fun party with lots of cousins since we were surprised by my nephew Laci’s family (this name is pronounced Luh’ Tsee – rhymes with klutzy) driving down from Michigan. Alice and Mike gave Stephen the technical helmet he had wanted for his bike. I gave him, at Alice’s suggesting (and I did ask her if she didn’t want to rethink it) a set of drums. And he had lots of other fun gifts as well, and a delicious chocolate orange cake. Since most people don’t want a photo of their younger kids I am posting one of my great nephew Janos who is a college senior.

stephen bd 2019 5

In this picture you can see some of the cake, as well as the delicious Hungarian retes (strudel) which Alice neni and Barney traditionally bring.

In the meantime, fall has arrived in Bath township. We have had sunny cool days with lovely fall color. Alice sent me a picture of one of her trees.

Alice oct 19 2019 tree

And here is something from my back yard.

blog oct 19 2019 fall 2

Andy continues work on the steam launch Nyitra. This bit (not finished) looked interestingly sculptural when he showed it to me.

blog oct 19 2019 Andy work

In other news his very loved gerbil, Master Brunel, has left us. He was ill for a long time with a huge tumor. Now a new gerbil has come to live here. He is Silent Bob. Andy just saw a double feature of Jay and Silent Bob and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. I hope Silent Bob will enjoy his life here!

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Just about every Friday evening Emily, Sofia and Clara come over for dinner. From time to time their Papa Ingmar will come too, if there is no market the next morning which requires his baking delicious Bavarian Bretzels. And every so often my grandson Stephen (whose ninth birthday is Sunday) is able to join us. We have dinner, often watch Wheel of Fortune, and play cards. Stephen was with us yesterday and we had much more fun.

My son Andy picked up three pumpkins and a set of non-lethal pumpkin carving tools and all the kids had a blast. Emily did too, helping them.

blog oct 2019 pumpkins 1

blog oct 2019 pumpkins 4

blog oct 2019 pumpkins 6

Stephen’s pumpkin was the character Marshmello from the game Fortnite. Clara did some ghosts and Sofia decided to draw on hers, some of the cute dogs she loves to draw. I especially like the one with the floppy ears.


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