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My family does have a lot to be thankful for, and I think most of us are aware of it every day. But this Thanksgiving holiday is not shaping up to be quite what people imagined!

Andy has been very ill and is in the hospital and will not be home for Thanksgiving. It is probably a reaction to an antibiotic – one of two – given to him after a small surgical procedure to deal with an abscess behind one ear. He is getting better but will be missing Thanksgiving and we are not sure how soon he will be released. I have been surprised since talking about this with friends to learn that several antibiotics can make people very ill, or combinations of antibiotics and steroids. This has happened to several of my friends’ family members, but I never knew.

Alice who now has three house guests, Ursula and baby Alena from Frankfurt, Germany and my sil Maria from San Francisco, had her youngest son really ill from a stomach bug which featured throwing up every half hour or so for about a day and a half.  He is better now but Alice has been ill with this all day and doesn’t know whether she will be able to come to Thanksgiving. And she has the cousins party Friday evening. And Friday around lunch time we are all supposed to go to my bil George’s 90th birthday celebration. A lot of things are happening and many people are in town whom I don’t get to see very often, but I’m not sure exactly what is going to happen. I’ll let you know.

Meantime, I hope everyone will just make their lists of things for which they are grateful!

I am bringing green bean casserole for seventeen. I am not going to be sick!

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I’m afraid that the dull and cold November days have diverted my attention from writing! Also, I’ve been struggling with the effects of two bad falls in late October. But that is slowly getting better. I’ve been doing a lot of reading.

But the late autumn, early winter days require being creative with making our own sunshine, of sorts. Sunday we went to visit my sil Alice who was celebrating her 80th birthday. Her kids who live in Washington (daughter Poppy) and Alaska (sons Bob and Rick in Juneau)were all visiting. Alice said it had been five years since all her kids were together with her. I am so very fortunate that my three grown “children” and four grandchildren all live in Bath Township, Ohio and I see them pretty much every week!

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Thanksgiving comes up on the 28th this year. Emily and Ingmar are hosting the event which will include besides our nuclear family of ten, sil Alice and Barney and their daughter Poppy and grandson Nicholas, Maria from San Francisco (we hope!), and my niece Ursula and her daughter Alena from Frankfurt, Germany! We assign different people different foods to bring and I will make green bean casserole for 17, it seems. I suggested sometime in the past leaving this out, but people love it and that idea was dropped! I’m sure I will post more about this as it happens. The day after Thanksgiving we’ll be celebrating my bil George’s 90th birthday. And he is by no means my only in-law in his or her 90s.  And either that night or the next evening will be the cousins party and the JV cousins party.

Then December 1st several of us are going to Weathervane Theater to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

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And on December 6th we are going to The Magical Theater Company in Barberton to see The Never Ending Story.

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Here is another happy moment that took place recently. Alice and Andy were going through a ton of old clothes to donate or discard and they found the remnants of Andy’s old “pink blankie” from decades ago. Alice sewed a binding on it and it is being kept for whatever sentimental or other reasons.

Andy has amazed me by listening intently to almost all of the impeachment hearings. This is something Paul would have done and I would not, while feeling a bit guilty that I was not.

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Autumn 11 2019

A bit of November doldrums here! I did have a lovely lunch out with a friend I have not seen for ages. Her husband worked with mine in the Computer Science Department at Cleveland State. That world is so changed since I was at all connected to it. But it is always good to reconnect with friends from long ago.

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