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Another Friday

I like Fridays because Emily and my granddaughters come for dinner. It’s a joy to see them and talk to them. Afterwards Sofia and Clara draw me many lovely pictures. Sometimes we play cards together, but this evening Emily was too tired. But she was not too tired to chat about her day and her week. The girls had a band concert one evening and they are working on a duet. I haven’t heard many duets for flute and trumpet. Clara plays flute and Sofia trumpet and both take piano lessons. But I will certainly be interested in hearing what they can do. Stephen is taking drum lessons and really enjoying it. His teacher says he has talent. I saw a little video of him playing and was impressed. My grandfather was a drummer in a dance band in the late 20s. (His day job was managing a dairy in Willard, Ohio.)  And Nathan has joined the Freshmen Lacrosse team and is  practicing several days a week and seems to be enjoying it quite a lot.

Andy struggles on with his PT exercises. Still too much pain which interferes with sleeping because whenever he moves it hurts enough to waken him and he doesn’t fall asleep again easily.

I’ve been reading Beyond The Thirty-Nine Steps by Ursula Buchan, granddaughter of John Buchan. I knew quite a lot about this literary family and was a fan of his sister Anna’s work as well as that of his wife who wrote under the name of Susan Tweedsmuir. But this book is well worth reading. I am still learning new things…. I seem to be interspersing it with bits of mysteries. I’ve been reading some of the Victorian Inspector Ravenscroft mysteries by Kerry Tombs and Ghost Dancer by Robert Westbrook, a rather fascinating author of excellent work. And so was his mother – fascinating, that is,  if not more so.

book beyond the thirty nine steps

Yesterday Alice came over and helped me get rid of quite a bit of clutter but her best accomplishment was finding my missing passport! I have looked for it for months, yes, looked for it in the same spot where she found it but could not see it.  I have a theory that when I become worried about finding things I become more and more incapable of finding them, even when they’re right in front of me. Sigh….But at least it is now found and in the place where it belongs! I am not sure whether this means I will never need to get the expensive new “compliant” driver’s license. I expect not, alas.



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Although I can see it will be a long recovery, I can also see that Andy is much better than one week ago. Less pain. More mobility. He says the physical therapy is helping.He has exercises everyday. But he is not allowed to pick up anything more than 10 pounds and that is a sad change for Andy. Alice is an amazing help with things like laundry which Andy can’t do because of the weight limitations.

Alice and her family are back from a 5 day vacation in Vermont, skiing at Killington. They drove in a caravan with friends who also have two kids. The mother of the other family was unlucky enough to get a GI virus and could only ski one day! She really only felt well enough on the day they had to drive back to Ohio…..Stephen had a bad fall one day and was taken to their ER/first aid station by the ski patrol on snowmobile and observed for concussion for a time. They decided he did not have one.

blog feb 2019 ski with Al

While they were away, our favorite Princess Pepperoni (aka Pepper) came to visit us. She is such a sweet girl. Everyday Emily and one of my granddaughters (not always the same one) came around five o’clock to take her for a good long walk. She likes us all, but was delirious with joy when Alice came to pick her up and take her home late Tuesday.

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No photos today, just a short news bulletin…Last Wednesday my ds Andy slipped in the parking lot of our local Wellness Center after a doctor’s visit. Trying to get home was excruciatingly painful and he couldn’t really sit nor stand but he didn’t want to call the EMS people and hoped it would fix itself overnight.

Alas. No, it would not, did not. We called and they took him by ambulance to the ER where after a number of tests they were surprised to realize he had broken a vertebrae, the L2. (The EMS men told me this is almost always a simple muscular thing that will fix itself in 24 or 48 hours.)  He spent a few days in the hospital and just came home, wearing a cyber brace which will help him heal and have less pain. We do love the name of the brace!

He cannot lift things nor twist and will have about two months of physical and occupational therapy. Any good wishes you can send his way will be greatly appreciated!

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I wanted to post this earlier but my smart phone was acting up. I couldn’t send any of my pictures to myself to use in the blog. But yesterday my dd Alice fixed it for me. I am not sure she did anything I had not been doing, but it worked for her…Thank goodness for my children (who are not children any longer!) who can help with all these things.

Last Sunday I celebrated my 75th birthday. It seems surprisingly old, to me. Internally I hear my self asking how this happened. (I feel as if my mind is filled with cliches these days!) But I know I am very blessed and very lucky.

Alice hosted a raclette party and everyone contributed things for it. It was lots of fun and quite delicious. If you search for “raclette” you will find some other posts about raclette parties which my family enjoys.

blog jan 2020 table

Everyone brought things…We had real Raclette cheese and several really good Emmentalers, potatoes, my son in law Ingmar’s home made bread, chicken and shrimp….And more…The cake was amazing, a rather decadent chocolate one.

blog jan 2020 cake

Alice made the wonderful flower arrangement and Emily and her family gave me the lovely mug with our state bird, the Cardinal. My favorite part of this was that inside the mug were stuffed lots of hearts my granddaughters had made with things they like about having me for a grandmother! A Nana.

blog jan 2020 fia and clara and em

And Wednesday, two of my sisters in law took me out to lunch for my birthday. This is a custom we’ve been keeping for years now. We go out to lunch often but on birthdays the two non-birthday “girls” buy lunch for the one celebrating. We always go to the same restaurant and this time we were quite surprised when the waitress not only remembered us but remembered what we order. Pointing to Suzi and me she said, “Beef and Latkes, right?”. And looking at Aniko, she said, “And you’re liver and onions”. So we have fame, of a sort. Two of us are famous for corned beef and potato pancakes and another for liver and onions which they do very well….And then we split two cakes three ways. We had a very delicious intense chocolate one and a key lime cheesecake.

blog jan 2020 aniko and suzi


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