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Another Week of Summer

While so many friends are complaining of dire weather, some with wildfires added to extreme heat, I certainly cannot complain here in northeast Ohio. June was hotter than I thought it should be, but July was cooler and so is August proving to be, thus far. If they would refrain from beginning school until after Labor Day they would not even need air conditioning, I think. It never began in August in my childhood (shortly after the earth cooled as my friend Michele would say).

Last Monday I had my first lovely evening ride on Andy’s steamboat, the Nyitra. Steamboats are quieter and slower than the motor boats I know, and therefore I really enjoyed the journey around Point Chautauqua to Tinkertown Bay. Andy flew his drone, the Rabca and took some photos, but I don’t know how to get them onto my computer….

I just realized that I can give you the link to his youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixT_MLHKWEY

Tuesday Andy and I returned to Ohio. He had an appointment to see about volunteering at a nearby hospital. But immediately after he returned to the Lake and his lovely Nyitra and Rabca. He’ll be back tomorrow.

A friend from the lake posted this very nice aerial photo which gives you a sense of the upper half of Lake Chautauqua.

Chautauqua july 2017 sue olar air photo

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August Already

Last Friday my dear granddaughters, Sofia and Clara, finished two weeks of a theater camp for kids at our wonderful local Weathervane Playhouse and on Saturday they were part of a performance of Peter Pan. They had a lot of fun in those two weeks, and especially on stage! Sofia, who dearly loves animals, wanted to have the part of Nana, and Clara wanted to be one of the Indians. They both got what they wanted.

Sofia july 2017 28th Peter Pan cast

Sofia july 2017 peter pan with Clara

Sofia July 28 2017 Peter Pan

Andy is back in Ohio again and we are both going back to the lake on Friday. While there he spent some extraordinarily sooty time cleaning out the tubes in the boiler.

Andy july 2017 cleaning the tubes in the boiler

That’s our wonderful neighbor Dan Hicks beside him. He just became a grandfather and while Alice and her family were up last week they met his darling new granddaughter Charleigh. It seems to me that Charleigh’s mother was just this newborn stage only a few weeks ago.

Alice july 2017 with family at Merediths

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A Month Gone By

I was not planning to have a month of blog silence, but so it happened. Between computer and internet woes (we now have a new computer and a new modem and very slow internet which will have to wait until Andy is back to be solved) and two trips to Chautauqua, nothing has been posted here for too long. Actually, I was once again thinking of stopping this blog, but again considered how I enjoy looking back at what has been going on and decided to continue.

Andy has been steaming on Lake Chautauqua and yesterday Nathan was his fireman.  They crossed the lake and landed in Mayville, NY and went to Boxcar Barney’s for ice cream and then returned. A good time was had by all.

Andy july 2017 steaming up with Nathan to mayville for ice cream

Andy july 2017 steaming nathan as fireman


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Rushing toward the end of June! This week has been lovely, since it’s much cooler than the week before. Tuesday I’m helping Andy take the Nyitra up to Chautauqua where he will buoy it out from our dock for the rest of the summer. I may stay until the 4th is over…….Not sure, but the Historical Society I’m a trustee of is meeting on the morning of the 1st and I want to be there. Ah, but I just realized my dd Em is having her housewarming party on the 2nd. So I’ll be back for that. And after? Who knows?

I’ll have to take the kindle and some art supplies and writing stuff, too…..

Meanwhile in our beautiful township, my oldest grandson is back from a week at Boy Scout Camp, the joy of his summer….

nathan june 2017 scout camp parents night

Alice, Mike and I think Stephen, too, went out for parents night on Wednesday and sent me some photos. I think I can spot Nathan pretty far down the line…..WordPress no longer lets one click on the photos to enlarge them, but if I hold down the control key and spin the mouse wheel backwards, usually print and photos get larger.

nathan june 2017 scout camp location boards they must say where they are

I have never seen this sort of clever location device before, but I’m impressed.

nathan june 2017 scout camp hammocks

Hammocks are very popular.

nathan june 2017 scout camp hammock for Nathan

nathan june 2017 scout camp 2

nathan june 2017 scout camp troop campsite at camp manatoc

Memories! Have any of you been a Scout at a camp? Or a leader? I’ve been both many times and love scouting.



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Father’s Day

I drove to Peninsula, Ohio to meet Maud-Hart-Lovelace (Betsy-Tacy) discussion group friend of many years, Marlena, at the Winking Lizard Tavern.  Marlena and her son Ben were in this area because Ben is beginning law school at Case Western Reserve University in the fall. Marlena had expressed interest in the National Park and I figured this might be a good place to meet.

FnF Marlena Boggs and I at winking lizard in Peninsula with Ben Sparky

My daughter Alice suggested they might go across the train tracks after lunch and visit Century Cycle with a view to renting bikes and biking down the towpath. They did make it there, but Ben, who had told me that he knew from personal experience that it is possible to forget how to ride a bike, was saved by a sudden downpour.  They visited a ranger station and had what Marlena called a nice “brochure tour” of the park and later found their way to Brandywine Falls.

FnF Marlena Boggs june 2017 at Brandywine Falls

It was delightful to meet Marlena in person after years of only cyberspace meeting, and I hope there will be more times together in the future. It is her theory that we have all learned about how to be a good friend from those Betsy Tacy books.

On my way home I was touched and surprised when I stopped at the little country cemetery where my husband is buried and found most of my kids and grandchildren planting marigolds on Paul’s grave.

Here is a memory of Paul and me from the year we first met. (Aren’t those milk and bacon prices amazing!)

Paul and I courting

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Mulberry Pie!

Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned that my daughter Alice and all four grandchildren were over and picked some mulberries? They returned today, and gleefully picked more. Alice did not have as many as she hoped for, and it is tricky picking them around the fallen tree. (The neighbor who is going to cut this up and move it away for me is in bed with a very bad case of sciatica. I do hope he will feel better soon. That’s really painful!)

But there was enough to bake a small pie. Actually, it looks to me like what I call Clafouti – a crust rolled out and the fruit filling placed in the middle and the edges of the crust pulled up to hold it all in….They did enjoy it! And apparently I have a stand of volunteer black raspberries (not blackberries and not bramble berries) which may be ripe in a week or so. Alice is wondering whether she should cover it with a net to keep the birds away.


*Alice says not a clafouti, more like a rustic galette.


Alice june 2017 mulberry Pie 3Alice june 2017 mulberry pie 4

Alice june 2017 mulberry pie 5 clafouti.JPG


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Dog Days?

They are here too soon! We’ve been having the sort of weather in the high 80s and low 90s that I associate with August. Officially, it isn’t actually even summer yet! But we will manage! It’s supposed to cool off a bit in a week or so….

weather heat wave june 2017

More news on the wildlife front – For a time, Alice was unhappy with four baby skunks she often saw in her yard…..Then two of them seemed to disappear. This morning she was the dead bodies of the remaining two, killed by some sort of other animal which didn’t eat all of them. A larger owl is about the only creature around these parts who will eat a skunk. So we are not quite sure what happened, but Alice is not sorry they are gone, and now triple bagged by the garbage. They were living under her breezeway! There were skunks there last summer, too, and the “fragrance” was not at all desirable.

Pepper was finally able to have her first haircut! No one will give puppies a grooming until they have had their rabies shots and now she has. I think she is really cute! And she seemed to enjoy the event.


Pepper june 2017 first haircut 1

Pepper June 2017 first haircut 2nd pic

Pepper has one of the friendliest personalities of any dog I’ve met, though all our dogs were pretty friendly.

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