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It’s Really Summer Now!

How is it that I always forget that when the weather begins to be warmer there is a lot more work to do outside! After so many years in the garden, how can this still be a big surprise? And I have a much smaller garden these days. Mostly on the deck…..I do minimal work in the rest of the garden, though it’s much better than last year. And puttering around outside in the way I do is very relaxing and so peaceful….Alas we are noticing that three baby ground hogs are grazing just out from the deck. I hope their family is not underneath it….Though they are far more to be desired than skunks!

Emily sent me two photos of Clara’s graduation from pre-school….Such events did not really exist when my children were that age, but I find them very nice. Especially when my own grandchildren are in the cap and gown. So a picture of Clara and one with her teacher Miss Vicki and Clara.

Clara May 2014 preschool graduation 1

She is actually beginning to seem quite grown up in a way, but this picture shows the little girl side of her, with her almost Eloise Wilkins cheeks. My darling Clara who loves to think of herself as a ballerina and is still quite attracted to Princesses…….

Clara may 2014 preschool gradtn 2

Andy and I went to look at a house which had not been open for viewing when Emily and Ingmar were here last weekend to look at houses. They saw the outside but not the inside.
I like is and I think they will like it too. There is a lot of very old style wallpaper up which I know they would want to rip down. And the lamps in the upstairs hallway would not do for Ingmar, a bit over 6’6″. Andy is 6’2″ and called me to look at him standing beneath one and observe that it was touching his head! But I think this house would be good for them. The property is just under four acres and there are a lot of nice trees. I hope they can get it for a reasonable price because it is too high at the moment. They set it higher than the range the real estate agents suggested for them….

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