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This weekend is so very beautiful I can hardly describe it well enough…The clear blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds and warm sunshine. The thousand variations on leaf colors of bronze, yellow, gold and scarlet. Just that alone would be enough to make me feel very happy, but I also had a chance for a very delightful excursion up to University Circle, just east of Cleveland. I went with Alice and Stephen, Emily, Ingmar, Sofia and Clara. Mike and Nathan were at cub scout camp all weekend and much luckier than friends who did this a few weeks ago and were rained on the entire time.

Cleveland Orchestra chamber music room ii

First we went to one of the Musical Rainbow concerts at Severance Hall, home of the Cleveland Orchestra. This is one of a series of children’s concerts which each feature a different instrument. The concert today was The Clever Clarinet and Daniel McKelway showed us all how clever a clarinet can be. He had some fine piano accompaniment from Laura Silverman. There is something very special about concerts for children when they are as well done as this was. I think many children now want to play the clarinet! (And I want to find some Carl Maria von Weber music which features the clarinet.) The concert was held in the beautiful Reinberger Chamber Hall.

Cleveland Orchestra home winter view

Cleveland Orchestra clarinets concert oct 2014

I am sad that I did not bring my camera with me, and most of these photos are from the internet, but I hope I will be forgiven. I think they are from Severance Hall and the Cleveland Museum of Art and I am providing some publicity for them……But I must remember to bring my camera next time…..

After the concert we drifted across the road to the lagoon in Wade Park, and the Cleveland Museum of Art. This entire University Circle area has been part of my life for a very long time. It is the home to Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University which are somewhat connected. My father received his dental degree there, Paul had his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD. from Case, and Emily attended Western Reserve as a National Merit Scholar, majoring in German Literature and Physics. The Cleveland Institute of Art is there and the Natural History Museum, the Children’s Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the Western Reserve Historical Society. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but you get the idea of how much is in this rather small area.

Cleveland Orchestra wade lagoon art museum

We had a lovely lunch at the Provenance Cafe and then Alice and Stephen went to the Armour Court to see armour and weapons and accidentally heard a great acapella choir rehearsing for a gala dinner this evening. Stephen discovered what he wants for his birthday, a year from now.

Stephen october 2014 armour court.

Emily and her family looked at the impressionist galleries, and I browsed the gift shop and then we met in Gallery one where there is an area called Studio Play which is wonderful for children. One of the amazing things they have there is a wall on which one can draw any sort of line and “the wall” will search everything in the Museum and find things which have the same line in them. I’m not sure all the children understood what was happening, but some seemed to and everyone enjoyed it.

Cleveland Orchestra Lagoon with Epworth Methodist Church

And then we were all a bit tired and drove back to Bath, Ohio for some quiet time. It was a good half hour drive through more wonderful fall foliage. I loved every minute!

We all know the holiday which is fast approaching! Halloween! All Hallows Eve. And in honor of this event, they had a pumpkin carving evening at Alice’s House. Even Stephen had a hand in the work in progress…

I guess someone did not want to be photographed!

Alice october 2014 pumpkin carving night

The results were awesome!

Alice october 2014 pumpkins

I have no idea what costumes my four grandchildren will be wearing this year. But I think I will know ahead of time.

Art Anna Ancher harvesters

A new-to-me artist whose work I like very much – Anna Ancher. This picture seemed right for this time of year, though really it belongs earlier.

I am reading random poems from John Frederick Nims’ book The Powers of Heaven and Earth. You might remember the post from September 21st of one of his poems. However, that was the only one I knew from his work. This book of new and selected poems has poems from many decades and some are very short and strike to the heart. For instance:

Crutches and Canes

Feisty old men, their battle cry a cough,
Waggle their sticks at earth, to warn it off.

Poets Nims

or this:

Matthew 5:28

“Whoso lusts….In his heart…” The saying’s dire.
Yet some demur: He’s worthier of hellfire
Who, with God’s latest, loveliest work in sight,
Stifles the radiant impulse of delight.

In the midst of all the health issues worrying those of my age and generation, let me never stifle any radiant impulses of delight.


My sour gum/Tupelo tree in the back yard is becoming very glorious though it would show off more successfully if the sun would shine on it somewhat more! But alas, we are having many days of gray skies and drizzle. Still, I know the rain is a protection for the trees, shrubs and perennial plants through the winter days to come. I’m such a Pollyanna. But there are worse things to be.

I do not like the steadily decreasing daylight! But my knowledge of what is to come is tempered by the thoughts of holidays to come in the next months, holidays with all my family only minutes apart, and also considerations of Stephen’s frequent wistful questions of, “When will it be snow time”? He cannot wait. I can.

Art two little birds

There are many anniversaries in the fall, happy and sad, to remember. And a cluster of birthday, too. Today was Stephen turning FOUR. A little difficult to believe.
The party was lots of fun because besides our local family of which twenty-one members were present, there were also friends and their children and a very friendly student from Japan, who were ten more people. And despite the fact that the weather had suddenly decided to give us a taste of what lies ahead, and there were a few moments of actual snow, there was also sunshine and a lively soccer game.

Stephen october 2014 4th bday

Here’s another party picture with Stephen’s cousins and friends all together.

Stephen october 2014 kid pic at 4th bday for steveo

Thinking about parties like this one, which was lovely and lively, I cannot help remembering stories of Paul’s névnap (really, the feast day for his name since they don’t celebrate birthdays so much) in post-WWII starving Hungary, where he got a picture of a train cut from a magazine, and “holy cards” made by his sisters for gifts… I think there was nothing like a cake. Such a different world. And a lot to think about. But I think I’ll stop writing now!

We are still having warm weather, though that may be about to change……..And I’m seeing more leaf color every day……….But somehow, I do not want to say “Good bye” to the summer of 2014. But I must.

This last weekend was “take out the dock” weekend. Our dock partner and Mike and Nathan and Ingmar and Emily, I think, helped with this……Mike has had a wet suit for several years, but I think Nathan just got his…..

Nathan sept 2014 going out to help take out the dock

And I heard that he was a very big help! He also did some solo kayaking out on the lake.

Nathan sept 2014 kayaking solo

And all of them had a camp fire the last night, with our neighbors Joan and Danny who contributed a very cool tissue paper balloon which was fueled by a small candle or (tea light?) and rose up into the night sky and drifted over the lake until the light burned out and it fell to the water……Sic transit gloria mundi, and all that jazz…..To balloons and to the sweet summer of 2014.


That would be April….I just came across this poem, which I love so much, and wanted to share it again………

I recognize myself in the first part of this poem and always aspired to the second part.
I realize I am remembering it because Tuesday is the anniversary of Paul’s death, seven years ago, and today was the first full day he was in the hospital before that………

Originally posted on Thoughts from Thicket House:

April is our National Poetry Month and before it is quite over, I want to share one of my favorite poems. I first read this in 1963 when I was a freshman in college. It was in John Ciardi’s book How Does a Poem Mean?. I thought it was the most beautiful love poem I’d ever read.

Art  Autumn Reflections Armand Tatossian

Love Poem
(by John Frederick Nims)

My clumsiest dear, whose hands shipwreck vases,
At whose quick touch all glasses chip and ring,
Whose palms are bulls in china, burs in linen,
And have no cunning with any soft thing

Except all ill-at-ease fidgeting people:
The refugee uncertain at the door
You make at home; deftly you steady
The drunk clambering on his undulant floor.

Unpredictable dear, the taxi drivers’ terror,
Shrinking from far headlights pale as a dime
Yet leaping before apoplectic streetcars—
Misfit in any space. And never on time.

A wrench…

View original 91 more words

Kristi last rose of summer try 2 2013

It’s another last rose of summer, but from last year, not 2014.

I’m thinking about the change of seasons – I thought we would have more warm weather returning, but it looks as though that may be only very brief. I like the cool days, however it was cooler than normal this September. It led to the sad (and expensive) discovery that in the huge storm in May when a tree fell upon all the wires to my house, it also led to the demise of the circuit board for our furnace. But all is fixed now and we have heat again. We never completely lost power during that storm and at the time I thought that was a good thing. However, apparently if we had completely lost power instead of only losing the neutral which caused huge power fluctuations for hours, our circuit board might have been all the better for it. Ah well, I keep reminding myself that Suzi Orman says if a problem can be fixed with money it isn’t a real problem. (Not that I’m totally convinced of that, but at least I can afford to solve this one!)

I’m thinking of the fun changes that relate to Emily and her family living so close to us. About 4 minutes away at the moment, rather than eight hours. A joy!

I’m thinking of the many changes in the world of blogs. Many blogs I read every day have stopped blogging every day. Some have stopped forever. Some for a month or so. It changes my morning and makes it a little sad. but that is the essence of life. It changes. I’ve usually just been a few times a month blogger and for now that will remain the same……

Meanwhile, Stephen is turning four! I just received and invitation to the birthday party….Two years ago he was only half this age and here is an image from those days.

Stephen jan 25th 2012 escape via beer case

And the next photo is from his first day of pre-school this very month.

Stephen september 2014 first day of preschool

Click on the picture to enlarge it and see why we sometimes call him “Fang”.


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