That would be April….I just came across this poem, which I love so much, and wanted to share it again………

I recognize myself in the first part of this poem and always aspired to the second part.
I realize I am remembering it because Tuesday is the anniversary of Paul’s death, seven years ago, and today was the first full day he was in the hospital before that………

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April is our National Poetry Month and before it is quite over, I want to share one of my favorite poems. I first read this in 1963 when I was a freshman in college. It was in John Ciardi’s book How Does a Poem Mean?. I thought it was the most beautiful love poem I’d ever read.

Art  Autumn Reflections Armand Tatossian

Love Poem
(by John Frederick Nims)

My clumsiest dear, whose hands shipwreck vases,
At whose quick touch all glasses chip and ring,
Whose palms are bulls in china, burs in linen,
And have no cunning with any soft thing

Except all ill-at-ease fidgeting people:
The refugee uncertain at the door
You make at home; deftly you steady
The drunk clambering on his undulant floor.

Unpredictable dear, the taxi drivers’ terror,
Shrinking from far headlights pale as a dime
Yet leaping before apoplectic streetcars—
Misfit in any space. And never on time.

A wrench…

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Kristi last rose of summer try 2 2013

It’s another last rose of summer, but from last year, not 2014.

I’m thinking about the change of seasons – I thought we would have more warm weather returning, but it looks as though that may be only very brief. I like the cool days, however it was cooler than normal this September. It led to the sad (and expensive) discovery that in the huge storm in May when a tree fell upon all the wires to my house, it also led to the demise of the circuit board for our furnace. But all is fixed now and we have heat again. We never completely lost power during that storm and at the time I thought that was a good thing. However, apparently if we had completely lost power instead of only losing the neutral which caused huge power fluctuations for hours, our circuit board might have been all the better for it. Ah well, I keep reminding myself that Suzi Orman says if a problem can be fixed with money it isn’t a real problem. (Not that I’m totally convinced of that, but at least I can afford to solve this one!)

I’m thinking of the fun changes that relate to Emily and her family living so close to us. About 4 minutes away at the moment, rather than eight hours. A joy!

I’m thinking of the many changes in the world of blogs. Many blogs I read every day have stopped blogging every day. Some have stopped forever. Some for a month or so. It changes my morning and makes it a little sad. but that is the essence of life. It changes. I’ve usually just been a few times a month blogger and for now that will remain the same……

Meanwhile, Stephen is turning four! I just received and invitation to the birthday party….Two years ago he was only half this age and here is an image from those days.

Stephen jan 25th 2012 escape via beer case

And the next photo is from his first day of pre-school this very month.

Stephen september 2014 first day of preschool

Click on the picture to enlarge it and see why we sometimes call him “Fang”.

Northeast Ohio had and has a large population of people who feel their ancestors came from Germany. I’m one. I had ancestors from the area near Trier with Roman clan names (Pontius in particular) who arrived in the 1730s and another set from the Grand Duchy of Baden who arrived in the 1860s (Schwenn and Stroh). And there are many more recent! There is also a large population of people who call themselves Donau Schwaben, the people who were settled along the Danube and often came to the US after WWII.
So, there are German clubs and schools and associations and at this time of year there are Oktoberfests in Akron and Cleveland. Last week Emily, Ingmar and my sweet granddaughters went to one in Brimfield which they enjoyed a lot and tomorrow they may attend one in Olmsted Falls. My son-in-law Ingmar who grew up south of Munich and considers himself Bavarian though his family was originally from the area around Coburg and thinks of themselves as Franken, (though Coburg has been part of Bavaria since around 1920) enjoys this a lot….So, some photos for you.

My sister-in-law Christa gave my granddaughters some German outfits the last time they were in Europe and that is what they are wearing in the pictures.

Em september 2014 ingmar and girls at brimfield german festival

Em september 2014 Clara smiles face painting

Yes, there was some face painting as well as a polka band and good things to eat…….

Em september dancing

Em september 2014 Clara game

I hope it is not too cold this weekend for them to attend the next Oktoberfest!

I just decided to show a going home photo, too…..Oktoberfest uses up a lot of energy!

Em september 2014 Clara on the way home

More about Nathan

Nathan is having a very good September so far. Not only does he love school, but all his teachers are very good and his math and science teacher seems to be outstanding. Alice sent a picture of his stash of books for reading in the car! I love it…There are a lot a bookworms in our family and I do think Nathan is shaping up to be one of them. Stephen, perhaps not so much so. However he does enjoy being read to every night.

Nathan september 2014 book stash in the car

Last night Mike took Nathan to a special free event which happens every first Friday night at the Wilderness Center in Wilmot, Ohio. http://www.wildernesscenter.org/ or even better: http://www.wildernesscenter.org/about-us/history/

Every first Friday a group called The Stargazers offers free stargazing for anyone who shows up. Mike has been trying to do this since he learned about the program in April, but the first Fridays have all been rainy until last night. About 50 people were there and a good number were scouts. Mike and Nathan really enjoyed the program and Nathan was lucky enough to win a telescope of his own.

Nathan September 2014 stargazing with Mike free at Wilmot Wilderness Center and he won this telescope

I have a draft begun about the D.E. Stevenson Gathering in Toronto, but I wonder if I will ever finish it!

So since it is a month and a day since my last post, I thought I would share some of what is happening in my family.

Emily and Ingmar have been moved into their rental house since August 1st. I don’t think I have any photos of it, but it is a fun house, with a balcony that overlooks a pond and waterfall on Yellow Creek, the main stream that flows through Bath to the Cuyahoga River.

Nathan August 2014 exploring an antique item at the chaut inst with Stephen

It’s difficult to realize sometimes that things that seem not that far in the past to me are unknown to my grandchildren and objects of wonder and amazement!

This phone booth is a source of astonishment and curiosity to Nathan and Stephen.

Nathan august 2014 first day of school with chaut t shirt

School is beginning for Nathan in the fourth grade, Sofia in the first, and Clara in real Kindergarten.

Nathan august 2014 first day of school with alice

Nathan August 2014 croquet at the point

This photo is from yesterday. Alice is at Chautauqua with friends, and while they did spend a lot of the day in the lake and on the boat, the kids also had fun with outdoor games.

Stephen August 2014 antique item at chaut inst

And here is Stephen with that “antique object” from the Chautauqua Institution again.

For all who celebrate it, Happy Labor Day! And to everyone else, enjoy your weekend!

DEStevenson portrait

The next few days will be involved with helping with Emily’s move back to Ohio. It will be busy, but I will be very happy!

em wed 5

Emily and Ingmar at their wedding, more than 10 years ago, and now to their fourth home which is only a rental until they can find a home they want to buy here in the Revere School District. I am praying for them. All in “the fullness of time”.

DES her childhood home june 2010

The above is Stevenson’s childhood home in Edinburgh.

And then, I am off to Toronto where a friend has arranged our third D.E. Stevenson gathering……I blogged about the first one in 2007 when we met in Boston and were able to see the manuscripts and papers they have at the Boston University Library. That happened after our group had been discussing her work for ten years. Then in 2010 we met in Edinburgh and it was such a joy to see all the DES related places we enjoyed. And now Toronto (we will be getting in a bit of L.M. Montgomery related places, too.) I am so looking forward to these events!

DES my friend Susan Daly in Toronto

Here is my friend Susan D. who is co-ordinating all the events in Toronto this year…I am seeing a lot of people in kayaks lately!

I won’t be back from that until after August 16th when I have to attend the annual meeting as a trustee of the Point Chautauqua Historical Preservation Society, and won’t be blogging, either, while I’m gone. See you all then.

Alice and Mike were married in 1999 and we’ve known Ingmar since 1998 when Emily was a grad student in Munich and they were dating. But it was not until this year that I grasped the fact that the birthdays of Mike and Ingmar are exactly one week apart, July 19th and July 26th. Of course, my talent at remembering birthdays at all is not exactly stellar, but still……….

So yesterday, everyone at the cottage celebrated both birthdays, despite the fact that we had celebrated Ingmar’s last week when I was still there………They had a pinata (for the kids) and it was in the shape of -no, not Miss Kitty. That was Clara’s birthday on the 8th – but a bottle of Bavarian Beer. And have I ever mentioned that Ingmar is a wonderful baker? Yes, he could be professional. He made a glorious looking SCHWARZWÄLDER KIRSCHTORTE (Black Forest Cherry Cake) for Mike.

Chautauqua july 2014 birthday cake Ingmar baked for Mike

I know it was delicious! And very authentic! I’ve had Ingmar’s Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte before and am sorry I had to miss this one! Maybe next year!

Here are a few more pictures from Alice of the birthday part of the day:

Chautauqua july 2014 Ingmar and Mike celebrate

Chautauqua july 2014 mikes birthday pinata

I think they had this birthday celebrations around 4pm when not much was happening at the community events (though probably the baseball game was getting underway). It would have been Ingmar’s time for kaffee und kuchen. And afterwards around 5:30 the potluck begins and the tug of war, egg toss, and balloon toss. And bonfire….So here are a few “after” pictures.

Chautauqua july 2014 picnic at the point

Chautauqua july 2014 bonfire

This photo of the wonderful bonfire was not from Alice…I plucked it from fbook and I think it was posted by someone named Mary Easely, but am not sure….


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